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Monday, August 25, 2003

Campus Tour and Events

Sept 1-5 - UST
Event: Opus 2003
venue:Center for Creative Writing and Studies
Exhibit on Sept 1-5
Sept 5 - Comic Art Workshop 8am-5pm

Jaclyn Ting Lim will exhibit her artworks and sell her indie comics

Featuring: Comic and Art of Artists' Den, Ariel Atienza (Class, West Side), Sherry Baet (Car Pool), Jaclyn Lim (Pilya, Jac Strips for You), Jon Zamar (Minsan Isang Panaginip, Ryan Orosco (Darna), Arman Canlas (Armor Troopers),
Myths and Legends, Wilson Tortorsa(Battle of the Planets), Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada, Stricken),
Joanah Tinio (Cresi Prophecies, D Koi junkie), Dennis Crisostomo, Adrian Arcega.and many more..

entry is free

Download full info here
press right click and Save target as..

Monday, August 18, 2003

RAGNAROK strips! All four of them!

my thanks to Derrick :)

For PILYA strips just scroll down a bit to find all three.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

You are a goddess!

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
whoa! They're showing RAVE ON CHANNEL 2! (ABS-CBN)

oh, and check this out! it's...funny :D


If asked what song makes me feel all mushy and all...

Please don't say I love you,
those words touch me much too deeply
and they make my core tremble
Don't think you realize the power you have over me
And please don't come so close
It just makes me want to make you near me always
Please don't kiss me so sweet
it makes me crave a thousand kisses to follow
And please don't touch me like that
makes every other embrace seem pale and shallow
Please don't look at me like that
It just makes me want to make you near me always

Please don't send me flowers
they only whisper the sweet things you'd say
Don't try to understand me
your hands already know too much anyway
It just makes me want to make you near me always

And when you look into my eyes
please know my heart is in your hands
It's nothing that I understand, but when in your arms
you have complete power over me
So be gentle if you please 'cause
You hands are in my hair, but my heart is in your teeth
And it makes me want to make you near me always

Friday, August 08, 2003

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Monday, August 04, 2003

okay, i've been checking out other people's blogs (mostly thanks to az's generous links!) and I saw in gerry's blog this:
"Sunday, August 03, 2003
Posted 7:30 AM by Gerry Alanguilan

I didn't see it myself, but I was told that I was on TV early this morning on Magandang Umaga Bayan. I know Ryan, Az and the other guys will be there, but I didn't know I would be. I mean, the ABS-CBN guys never talked to me. Apparently, they used the footage from my PIPOL interview, but mistakenly named me Leroy Lagdameo, Beerkada Cartoonist. I don't understand how they can make that mistake, since it's so perfectly obvious even to the casual layman how much MUCH more handsome, how much MUCH more of a manly man I am than this Leroy fella. This is an outrage, an OUTRAGE I tell you!! Heads will roll! I'll SUE!!!!"

hahahahah! Bravo, gerry! Bravo!!! :D>