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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

G2 cosplay?

Hayyy I only wish I could cosplay this hehehe I'm still not sure. The timeframe might be impossible for me :)

Huy Raipo, game ka? ;)

Monday, December 20, 2004

David Mack emailed me!!!

(fangirl swoons)

Hello Jaclyn,

David Mack here.
Thank you for the kind words about my work. And
you for reading my books!

I do hope to visit Manila. Maybe in 2005?

Bibliarch has invited me to do a signing there.
So I
hope to do that as soon as I have time.
They just sent me their new newsletter which has
interview with me in it. And the newsletter says
will have Kabuki books available at their

So hopefully you can get any Kabuki books there.
there is any Kabuki books or merchandise that you
still need, or cannot find there, you are welcome
order it from us at this e-mail address. Or from
checklist in the back of any Kabuki book.

Thanks for inlcuding the link to yoru art!
It is very impressive. I saw that you posted on
message board and I looked at your art and photos

Thanks for writing to me here.
If it is ok with you, I plan to inlcude your
e-mail in
an upcoming issue of Kabuki in the letters

Please tell the people from Fully Booked and
that I say hello!

And please feel welcome to continue to show your
on the Kabuki messageboard.
I also post at the Brian Bendis board at the
Imagecomics boards. You are welcome to promote
artwork there as well.
I'm sure everyone will love to see it!

Kindest and warmest regards to you!
David Mack

Thursday, December 16, 2004

New Webcomic

I found this through deviantart :) konti pa lang, pero so far masaya. Especially to fans of Silent Hill.

babysitter... NOT!

I've been left in the house with my bro and my younger sis.

When lunchtime came along I scraped off the last of the rice leftover from breakfast and served it along with our choice of food opened straight out of the can. Wan wisely prepared her own meal.

I realized it was time to eat dinner at the usual way.

My tummy was growling and howling mutiny.

So I went down to cook rice, only to find our rice bin empty. I went to the phone to try having food delivered(parrying guys' calls for wan) but it's past delivering time. I decided to go out and buy takeout but wan insisted I stay home and cook, opening a fresh sack of rice.

Por que hindi siya kakain ng lulutuin ko.

But it's still sweet of her to prepare the pot and place it on the stove for cooking. I tried to watch it but somehow it still got burned. She asked me what viands we'll be having. I decided on hotdogs over fish. I did what I could remember from the last I really cooked(1997): heated the skillet, added oil, then put the food in. But they burned the moment they touched the surface. I was told it's because I let the skillet heat up too much. So dinner is served. Burned rice and burned hotdogs.

I knew I should have bought pizza.

I washed up after I served the dinner to my bro Allan. By the time I got to get dinner for myself I barely saved 2 last hotdogs from my bro who has been demolishing them at an amazing speed(to think they're burned, too). As usual, Wan the HRM graduate made a meal for herself. Nakakahiya naman kung utusan ko, I was put in charge to take care of them, not the other way around.

Now washing dishes I have no problem with, I even find it therapeutic. It's just frustrating how I suck at cooking. But like I learned 7 years ago, I just need enough practice. 1997 my sister Vivi and I moved into a dorm where we can cook our own food. within 2 semesters I became confident enough to cook for myself and my friends. I'm still nowhere near chef level but at least I could feed myself.

Anyway, whenever I'm told "di ka pwedeng mag-asawa" I just say I'd get married because I want to live the rest of my life loving my husband, not cooking for him.

But still, I appreciate it whenever someone cooks for me. I got used to eating for the sake of surviving; so eating as a luxury, as an activity to enjoy is very special for me. It is the rare times I get to know what it feels like to live to eat, instead of my default eat to live.

So yeah, to every one who ever cooked/baked/made anything for me; rest assured, I still remember you, and will never forget you, even if some of you are not that close to me as we used to be. As for the rest, I'm just glad fate granted me to let us be closer :)

I remember them all, from brownies made for my birthday, to even the instant noodle soup a roommate made for me when I was sick.

Excuse me for my line of thought, I'm hungry again :9

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hello Ariel!

Ok Ok! Here ya go:

Yesterday I went to my cousin's engagement party in Greenhills. We were so late though we missed the gift exchange ceremony practiced by Chinese families. But we saw the gold medallions they were wearing and the bride to be was wearing thick gold bangles wound together by red cords.

The meal was DIVINE! It was catered with Chinese specialties among others. There was the usual fruit salad and fried chicken, but there was also grilled sugpo split in half and grilled steak as well as sweet ham you may eat either in honey or as pan de sal sandwiches. There was also that egg/mushroom chinese soup and stir fried vegetables and chinese fried rice, and mini-beehives and caramel bars for dessert.

After that we went to Ayala Center to find an abay outfit for me because my Achi Vivi is getting married next month :D The color motif is turquoise. We went to Landmark and looked for a gown/outfit that's below P1500. The best we could find was a light turquoise gown with beaded backless halter top, with a long slinky turquoise skirt with a slit up my left thigh. It was P995 with a 30% off, but the problem is that it was obvious why it's 30% off, it looked old. The fabric shows obvious signs of wear and tear.

We went to SM Makati next through Glorietta, browsing in dress shops along the way. But besides the color turquoise being hard to find, the Glorietta price tags are simply above budget. We reached SM and went through the Ladies Wear department store. Beya found me a turquoise midcalf flouncy skirt at P650 and I chose a glittery light turquoise backless halter top for P299.95. I found my abay outfit :)

On the way back to the car we pass by baratillos and such. Besides browsing for vanilla scented stuff like lotions and perfumes(think Body Shop), I was also hoping to find that glitter tattoo kit Abi mentioned she saw in Watson's Megamall, but I never had the time. We passed by Candy Corner tho and I loved the giant chocolate covered malt balls. Reminded me of Rolling Stones I used to eat as a kid :D Heck, I love anything with chocolate on 'em!

We bought Smokey's hotdogs on the way to the Park Square 2 carpark (it's cheaper to park there). I chose baconwrapped cheesedog. As for drinks, I prefer water, but anything non-carbonated would do, so I ordered iced tea. In South Super Hi-way we stopped over the gas station where we bought in Starbucks. I ordered Peppermint mocha. When we got home I showed the outfit to the girls. Wan wanted to keep my outfit and have me buy another one because she likes it on herself, but the bride insisted she go buy her own :)

Thursday, November 18, 2004


I fell in love with David Mack's Kabuki the moment I first read a book owned by a classmate when I was in the middle of an all-nighter for an architectural plate back in college. My then-boyfriend then bought me a Kabuki book after I drooled after it in Robinson's Place and he got tired of me ranting about how I couldn't afford it.

So there, Kabuki: Images. The first Kabuki book I ever had.

Then last Oktoberfest in San Pablo, I found little books of Circle of Blood in Gerry's stash where he's selling old comics he scrounged off booksale and such. He's so cool! He let me have 'em at a discount! Whee!

Then Patrick Maliksi sold me two more, Kabuki: Metamosphosis (where my first book is actually its first part) and Masks of the Noh. I rarely ever find these books so I grabbed the chance. And Patrick turned out to be nice, showing up in Greenhills Starbucks with a pink Hello Kitty backpack. He mentioned that there are rumors of Fully Booked inviting David Mack to come to Manila.

*Fangirl squeals*

I plan to dress up like Tigerlily did in Masks of the Noh when I ask for his autograph. Black super-shirt, jeans, black boots and her mask. Wheeee!

I wish I know when he's coming so I could prepare for it :D

And yes, my Christmas wishlist would be all Kabuki books by David Mack that I don't have yet, including the compiled Circle of Blood :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hello Cathy!

I was just browsing around while checking email, meaning to just update myself by reading my friends' blogs but since Cathy tagged ranting about the lack of updates, fiiine here ya go! Malakas ka sa akin e ;)

I'm rushing right now to finish 3 pages for Cat. If you'd check out my DeviantART account you'll see what it is ;D I hope to foinsh this on or before Friday morning, because I'm going to ABS CBN Friday afternoon for my practical test. I just took my test today, it's mostly Creativity and Personality stuff.

The Creativity test has 3 parts. The first part gave me a drawing of a black egg and told me to draw something to make it more interesting, and give it a title. I guess I couldn't take the concept of the black egg out of my head that my first idea is a century egg, but instead I drew a profile of a woman around it, making the black egg her pregnant womb, then planned to call it "Birth".

But I still have PLENTY of time for it, so I thought of what to add... I decided to add wings (yes, I'm obviously obsessed with wings. WAY before Mulawin ;) and more details on the woman. made her wear a malong-like skirt, and let her be topless. I kinda like seeing women wear nothing but maybe a malong or tapis. I dunno... I find that they somehow look more powerful? Whatever.

Still have lotsa time. I added jeweled cuffs and bracelets on her arm. Still more time. I look at the black oval. I decided to draw doves flying out of it. then filled the background with the woman's hair. I spent the rest of the alloted time blackening the wings, skirt and hair. Jerald told me kasi dati that black and white art looks more interesting with a bit more black(naaaks! Master Jerry! ;).

The next 2 parts are sorta like that, too. But the second part had 2 pages and the third part had 3 pages! Ack! They said I don't have to finish all the pages but I'm still glad I finished both pages of part 2. Then there's the personality test. Almost two hundred items. but no time limit :)

As for my PC, yes. It broke down. Again. I called Qnet asking why it wouldn't work. I told them the symptoms. They said it had a virus and they'll reformat it again. I asked if it's free. They said it's not. Fed up, I brought it straight to MSC. 3 hours later it's fixed. They said they just needed to repair the Windows registry, no reformat needed. They scanned it. No viruses. The virus definitions are even updated. They charged me their minimum fee :)

Oh well, yan muna for now. I have to get back to work on the comics :D babay!

Monday, November 01, 2004


Thursday, October 29

I got a call from Qnet being told that they can't fix my unit yet because they still haven't finished servicing all the 17 computers they previously told me about. Bukas na lang daw.

oh, THOSE are capacitors!

I went to a net cafe to check mail, but PLDT DSL conked out. Again.

As I wait outside the cafe for the DSL to come back, I got a call from Sony saying they want to interview me before the day is over. I went home, got dressed, and went on a 3-hour ride to Makati.

As I went down the steps of MRT Ayala Station, I notice people moving aside from something along the steps. As I got closer I saw it was a black kitten. I took a photo with my Pussycam(named while talking with Johnny).

black little pussy

From the Enterprise's top floor, I took a picture of the Makati skyline. Soon after I got interviewed. They told me they'll call me the next day if I am selected among the four applicants.

sigh, thank goodness I have other gigs

I found a phone and called Ranulf and talked about new commissioned artworks. After that I tried getting home but the traffic is so bad I couldn't find a jeep or bus I could ride in for almost an hour.

Friday, October 29

Got back home to San Pablo. Took some cd drivers and brought it to Qnet. Went to the Oktober Food/Art/? Festival in Sampaloc Lake where I found Gerry and the other Komikeros along with Ilyn and the UAP trainees :)

Komikero Booth, Day 1

We get a few... amusing people who come to us like that guy who stood watching Jerald draw and asked "What are you doing? Are you an arist?" then turned to me and asked "What's your height?"

Psychocow came to San Pablo long after the Komikeros had packed up (because we have no lights, which Gerry decided to bring the next day). I must be pretty exhausted by the time we met up because I felt so weak. He treated me to a roast beef pizza dinner at pizza hut. And a huge pitcher of water :)

We went to Qnet to take my CPU home, but they forgot to install Norton Antivirus and Photoshop. Again. AFTER I gave them a step-by-step list to remind them precisely that. I decided to just pick it up tomorrow and for the moment take him along for a walk around the festival.

We took pictures of the lake (or tried to) with the almost-full moon and the lights reflecting on the lake surface. Then met up with Wanwan and her friend who visited.

my first attempt

psychocow teaches me about slowing down shutter speed

psychocow: "We could sure use a tripod..."

Saturday, October 30

I went to Qnet where I saw the 2 programs finally installed but not updated. They said I could update it myself. I paid for the balance and carried it home in a tricycle.

It took me forever to get online (probably because it's Saturday and a lot of people are online) and when I tried to update it it created an error with my Norton I got a message window saying I have to reinstall it. I called Qnet only to be told they're closing already and won't open until Tuesday due to the holidays.

Frustrated, I went to the Komikero booth to vent off steam. I posted a sign saying i'd make caricatures for P50. 2 women asked me to do theirs. They paid me after I did. I felt better :) Another guy asked me to do his too. I did, but he never came back. I should've asked for a downpayment or something. Anyway, I just used it as a sample to be posted along with my sign. I added that I could make skin art for twenty bucks. Nobody was interested tho except for Sir Mandy, who promised to come by the day after.

Komikero Booth, Day 2

Sunday, October 31

Gerry, Jonas, Raipo, Johnny

with Riq

Happy Halloween guys! My sis Vivi went to the booth pretty early to set up her not-so-online tiangge. I was too sleepy so I'd just catch up with her as soon as I wake up (heeheehee!). I got there almost 2 hours later and helped finish setting up the booth. I'm so happy to be there with Vivi along with my friends like Gerry and Ilyn and everyone else there :)

Myles, Jerald, Vivi and sleeping Mikko

At the Park:

my Kuya Allan

my Mamy with Mikko

People had Jerald do caricatures. I haven't started any face painting until Sir Mandy brought his kids. He still jokes about me doing skin art on his butt. A crowd started to gather when they saw me paint a rosebud on his daughter's face and a blue wolf on his son's arm.

They were still iffy about it tho, thinking it may be only just for kids. So I thought of giving the guys in our booth some free skin art for advertising. The others still paid tho, which I really appreciated. They told me I'm charging pretty cheap as it is, because it usually costs a hundred bucks in Manila instead of twenty.

Guys started getting interested in getting skin art when they saw Johnny's tribal face 'tattoo', and girls wanted to have skin art themselves after they saw the butterfly I painted on Wanwan. Finally I asked Wanwan to help paint my face too, to mimic (David Mack's)Kabuki Mask.

Myles and Wanwan

varies from spiderman to vultra(?)

spiderman, butoh and a red dragon

with Riq's friend

Kabuki, painted mostly by Wanwan

It was a lotta fun, I earned more than P300 bucks just face painting. I have to raise the price next time to P50 tho because I was almost fatigued when I finally got a break that's enough to only sip a Pearl Cooler which was already half-melted.

I'm really happy I got to spend such a fun day with both my friends and my family :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Getting my PC fixed...

Sunday, October 17

My taskbar is showing black little boxes instead of black little icons. I mean to have my PC checked out. One of these days.

Monday, October 18

My PC blacks out or resets by itself. Uh-oh. This doesn't look good.

Tuesday, October 19

I asked my good friend and churchmate James Uy(we've known each other since Grade 2 when we used to play Sikyo and Chippy-chippy) to help me bring my PC to a service shop to have it fixed.

Eventually I chose Qnet because they offered to reformat my PC for only P300. And they sell the hardware I wanted to buy to upgrade my system.

At the end of the day I also paid P200 to install Norton Antivirus 2003 and Photoshop 7(they don't have Photoshop CS). They said what caused my PC to have problems was lack of memory. Their technician Arnel Bravo sold me a 128Mb SDRAM card for P1700, giving me a 6-month warranty. They installed Windows XP because they said it's better than Windows ME. I had to buy another modem because my D-link modem has only a Windows ME driver. They sold me an internal modem for P380. I needed to get online for my work so I surfed in their net cafe for P33.

James carried my CPU home for me. Mom was pleased to see our PC using Windows XP. When we tried to get online tho we could barely open any websites, and more importantly, we can't install any messengers, because the net is slower than ever. And it's STILL blacking out and resetting itself!

Wednesday, October 20

Okay, the primary reason the PC is important to my family is because we use it to chat with our dad in China, who feels homesick with every day our PC is STILL not fixed. So we now realize the modem they sold us simply won't do. They said it's because of the ISP, suggesting I try THEIRS because it's faster daw. But I'm not convinced since they can't even connect with it because the lines are always busy.

Yeah right. We've been using Pacific Internet's E-VOLVE for ages. It's never as slow as when we used your brand new modem!

So yeah, I had to bring my CPU back to Qnet. James is too busy to help me this time so I carried it myself, transporting it by tricycle.

My deadline for a HK strip was that day so they installed Photoshop 7 in one of their PC rentals which I used to make the latest strip and email it to HK. When I'm done I paid P120 for the rental and I'm told that my system can't handle Windows XP so they installed Windows 98 instead. THIS time they told me my hard drive is the problem and I have to buy a new one. They sold me a Seagate 7200rpm 40Gb for P3750 to replace my old 2002 Seagate 5600rpm 40Gb. They said backing up my drive D: would take time so I have to leave it in their shop overnight. I coldn't sleep that night worrying about my poor battered and abused CPU.

Thursday, October 21

I paid for the new hard disk, wondering what they've done to my old one, and took it home to see that they installed desktop themes and activated the Undersea which made water sounds every time I click open a freaking window. Consuelo??? They also installed Hangaroo, Milyonaryo, Whip the Worker, and tons of other such games. But they forgot to install the Norton Antivirus I paid them to install. And yes, same net problems applied as the day before, if not worse and slower. They also said there's something wrong with my motherboard's capacitors.

Friday, October 22

Fed up and getting helplessly suspicious, I brought my CPU to MSC service center just to get a second opinion. I told them to be careful not to touch anything as to prevent any possibility to void my warranty, but to tell me what the state of my CPU really is.

I took comfort in their confirming that thay have the same diagnosis with my motherboard, and even opened up my CPU to show me where the capacitors are, so I can actually see them leaking out. They were admittedly iffy about all the shit I went through with Qnet though, and even helped me compose questions and requests to help my PC get fixed by Qnet. They also said I should definitely have asked to keep my old hard drive.

I agreed to their recommendation of getting a motherboard with DDRAM while returning the SDRAM I bought from them, because they said SDRAM is near to getting phased out. They let me use their phone to call Qnet. We were all surprised when Arnel Bravo said he doesn't want to accept the SDRAM back because he already bought a new one with the money I paid him. The MSC guys told me I should because they've looked at my SDRAMs. One of them is dated 2003 while the other has NO date at all. I insisted they take back the SDRAM because I'm buying the motherboard and DDRAM from them anyway.

I also told them I'm returning the internal modem because it's too frustratingly slow, and I'm buying their external modem which they priced at P1600. They said the motherboard and 256 DDRAM would be about P7000 and I have to wait until Tuesday 2pm when the hardware comes in because the ones they have in stock then are all reserved. They said they'll call me as soon as the hardware arrives.

Tuesday, October 26

I called at 2pm to be told that 'they will see' if there is any for me, because they said I didn't file a 'formal order'. I asked if it would be ready to be installed into my CPU tomorrow morning. They said their technicians will not be available tomorrow because they are going to be sent somewhere else to work on 17 PCs.

They said they'd call me 3pm. It's past 6pm now. I texted Arnel Bravo but he never replied.

I apologize to all my clients. Now you know why I can't work on my PC. I get online by Net cafes now.

Hayyyy if only my PC is something like THIS instead:

Wednesday, October 28

Last night I texted both Arnel Bravo and Rommel, their Qnet marketing guy. Twice.

I finally got a reply this morning from Rommel:
"Ting gud am,c romel 2 of qnet,bukas dw pede m dala unit sbi ni bravo."

Hayyyy, wish me luck guys ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Goodbye Eden

Not to be confused with Arnold Arre's love story, this is more of a silly attempt after reading Solo's entries about Xero and Murphy ;)

The Red Priestess was walking along the garden of her temple when she saw a winged shadow fall on the ground before her. She looked up to see him flying overhead, oblivious to her. She watched his black wings move gracefully as they sent their owner to a mysterious faraway destination. She watched him, sad yet satisfied to see that he's getting on with his life.

She heard a flutter of great feathers right behind her and turned to see Angel gently landing on the soft earth, tucking his white wings. He smiled at her.

"Well, Angel, it's been awhile. So how fares you?"

He had come for another visit. And they talked about how their lives had been, him as His servant, and her as Hers. The subject of a female seraph especially piqued her interest, for he had usually been very shy. She told the embarassed winged man in white that she's happy to hear about it. As she looked at him, she knew she may not love him the same way she loved him before, but is sure to love him always. In the end, they hugged each other goodbye.

As she watched him fly off, she wondered when she could get her own wings...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Acquisitions

and I got my digicam! Wheeee! If you know where I can upload pics and videos let me know ;) I also need to know where's a good place to buy memory cards(?) and extra batteries.

Friday, October 08, 2004

The Tease

See full-sized strip

"Because we CAN!" :D (insert evil-but-teasing laugh here)

Check out more Liberty Meadows strips by Frank Cho(worships).

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Vivi's online Tiangge TAKES OFF!

vivi_lim888 has invited you to view a photo album on Yahoo! Photos

Hi!Check this out and let me know your orders. ;)BIG DISCOUNTS for BULK ORDERS!!! :DThanks!

NOTE: LOG-IN to Yahoo to view the photos in this link!


Saturday, September 25, 2004

What is this PSII??

Mamy bought me stickers from her pasyal in the Saturday tiangge. They're Ragnarok and they're cute. But I was more interested with the ones she bought for my bro. Please tell me what it is (is it a game? etc) and where I can get more info about them. thanks! ;)

Anyway, I basically need to know who that longhaired chick is.

Raipo, I uploaded the same file in geocities :) Photobucket is acting strange lately. I'm experiencing the same problems Gerry had, but I hope it's only temporary :)

Find out your Stripper Name ;)

Your Stripper Name is: Vanilla

Friday, September 24, 2004

My Future Digicam?

I've decided to buy myself a digicam before the year's over, and so far I'm setting my sights on this:

KODAK EASYSHARE DX7440 Zoom Digital Camera

What I've been doing lately...

Hello! I'm online right now to submit strip 24 of Usapang K, a monthly comic strip sponsored by Community Card Services Ltd. in Hong Kong to be printed in The Sun.

I'm also submitting another sketch for Wunan who kindly offered to critique my works.

And besides finishing Azrael's Merryland fan art by making one sheep per day until all 8 are completed, I also submit to Altermedia images for MMS downloading. I started a brand new series called Lil Angelz for them to post in their website soon. When they're up I'll post a link so you guys can check it out ;)

That's for today. Oh, and I have added a link to Lico's wacky website called Liconomicon!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wanwan's Watercolors

Click HERE to view the first 6 uploaded watercolor paintings by my younger sister Wanwan :)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Azrael's Merryland in UgotGAME

I'm contributing fan arts for Az to exhibit at the UgotGAME event!

Check them out HERE!

And Azrael posted my works in his blog too! WHEE!

...Merryland cosplayer? JK! ;D

Hugs to Gabe for posting UgotGAME pics!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kuwatog and Rajima in UGOTGAME!

Yay! Parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta! Kelan uli? Saan? May entrance fee?

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 14:45:11 +0800
From: Ranulf Goss
To: jactinglim@yahoo.com

hi jack ,

kwatog and rajima will be in the game to be shown in Ugotgame this saturday. hope you can go. I'll put you there in the credits as "initial character designer".



Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm in Fudge Magazine Issue 2!

Whee! Go buy a copy of the second issue of Fudge Magazine and you're sure to find me inside! Ana Gan interviewed me last month and has just assured that I'm featured in their newest issue! Yay!

FUDGE MAGAZINE is available in all National Bookstore outlets :)

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Happy Birthday Vivi!

Happy birthday to my soulmate/elder sister Vivi! Thank you for being the wise mentor sister to me all these years :)

To see her in my strips click on these links:

Smarties 1
Smarties 2
Smarties 3

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bovine Elf

Thanks :)

And also, Eric Cueto graciously accepted my fan art for their Darna website. If you have Darna fan arts of your own, email him at flydarnafly at yahoo dot com! You can view my Darna fan art here!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Register Your Cell Phone NOW

TEXT682 =Anti-Phone Theft Service

NOW they tell me I should've registered my phone! I tried registering it using my new sim since I know its IMEI and SIM numbers, but they won't accept it. They said I have to use the sim to register itself. Like hell that thief would kindly register it for me. "Mamang magnanakaw, paki text nga ito sa 682..." "paki-block na rin ha?" Riiiiiiiiiight.

Now all I could do for the moment is register my new phone. All I could do for my old phone is to hope I still have the old sim pack. Which I doubt, because I never thought of keeping them. The box is a sure goner. I used it as a gift box last Christmas(I could almost hear the National Bookstore employees saying "See? SEE? Now THAT's why we sell these nifty giftboxes!") Oooookay.

All I have is the stolen phone's IMEI(written on the receipt by the tindera), and the PIN stored in my head. Now I hope I remembered the right PIN. Because I'll be going ALL the way to Agham Road where the NTC office is. I'm supposed to bring the box and the simpack of the stolen cellphone, but all I have now is the receipt(which I'm amazed I still found) and the PIN in my head.

I plan to go later so I could be early tomorrow to go there. That means I gotta build my China portfolio before I go. I'm buying a new map for myself. I've been using dad's map since mine got lost when my sister was using it(Running from stalkers. Long story). Another Ryoga adventure...

And I also plan to buy colored markers for my latest gig: kiddie caricatures. I'm recently hired to make caricatures for kids in a Justice League-themed birthday party. I found out using felt tip markers make me finish faster.

I went with mom yesterday to Manila to visit their friends Kuya Lito and Ate Lina. Dad has been hoping for the longest time that Kuya Lito would help me find a job as an artist in China. That way we can be together and he'd be less homesick. When I'm there na, I'm supposed to figure out how to get the rest of the family in China too, because a lot of the Pinoy workers he met there are moving their families to China. Some even enrolled their Pinoy kids in Chinese Schools.

We also visited my Tita Dory after. The first thing she asked is why I didn't get to buy foam for the soundbooth anymore. I told her there was no budget to continue the project. I used the phone to call friends in Manila. Then we ate sweet and sour Fish (yep, big-a$$ fish!) and spam and orange juice and ube and instant pancit canton. We went there to visit Tito Jonji, my pogi uncle who had Bell's Palsy, but thankfully is recovering now. His ever-creative wife's latest raket is Balloon Twisting...

By the time we're ready to go home she's got one big balloon with 3 litle balloons inside, plus 2 flower twisted balloons, 2 small round balloons and a heart shaped one, too. She put curled ribbons on all of them as well as wrappings :)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

My cellphone was stolen

Last Friday, 10am, I got off a bus at Galeria to find my cellphone missing. I checked my person several times on the way to Summit office and confirmed enough that it's lost. After Summit told me that I'll have to come back later, I rushed to the bus station and found the conductor who directed me to his bus (good thing I kept the ticket). But I couldn't find my phone anywhere. He told me my seatmate got off the bus after me without even asking for change to his fare.

So I bought a sim in a Globe office and managed to borrow a phone to put the new sim in and tell my family what happened. I also emailed people about it because I was afraid the thief may cause my contacts harm.

I have just bought a new cellphone this morning and have recently gotten reports about my contacts getting messages from my old cellphone saying he(the thief) is willing to send me my important numbers. Strangely he didn't say anything about sending me my phone itself.

Worse, I also got reports of my contacts getting verbally abused by this thief.

To the lousy bastard who stole my phone, I was honestly willing to give you a chance to return my phone. I even told you I'd give you a monetary reward. Apparently you decided my phone is a better reward than anything.

I'm willing to forgive you for that. Perhaps you are so excited about the prospect of actually owning a cellphone for yourself.

But I can never forgive you for cursing and sending malicious text messages or calls to my contacts. You'll get what's coming to you for even thinking of harming my friends in any way. Minura mo pa mga nag-text sa yo! PUTANG INA MO!

To my contacts, I hope I have warned you enough.

Now, if anyone has any idea how I could block my unit and sim please let me know. I have so far asked Globe about it but they just said they can't do anything about it so I have to go to NTC so that they would help Globe do it for me.

My stolen cellphone is a Nokia 3315 with a matte-finish metallic red casing, number 351465300216181, with a Globe 64k sim number +63916 393 5721.

I'd call NTC myself, but I'm in Laguna :(

Monday, August 30, 2004

Online Tiangge

Click this to see what Beya and Wanwan have IN STORE for you :D

Monday, August 23, 2004

New Stripper! Whee!

Ok, ok, essentially it's still the same person, but I've always wanted to draw that outfit I wore at that last convention I went to. So there. Yes, THERE. On your RIGHT.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


I love kitties! Too bad I'm too busy to own one. But at least I can have them as my avatar ;D Which I saw Rico (the ex-Deviant) did, and he's so cool to let me have some kitty pics!

This sniping kitty is Amie's avatar!

And this hilarious pic is Rico's avatar! Pinoy talaga hehehe!


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Chona in the City

"This is f@ck!n9 hilarious!" so quotes my friend Cathy ;)

Monday, August 02, 2004


I had this weird idea of having the government run like a corporate company. Presidents and other governmental positions like senators, congressmen, etc would be selected the way HR departments choose their employees. IQ tests, EQ tests, Psych tests, the works.

That means no more voting by popularity or what have you, and no more campaigning. Instead of wasting their money campaigning, they could just use that money to sharpen their skills. I won't be surprised if review schools pop up just for that heh heh heh!

Which leads us to the question on who would be the Administrator? The one who would keep the successful candidates in line? I suddenly wanted to study business/corporate models. What if they do something bad? Send them a memo?? Who will send them?

If we try to form a board of trustees equivalent it may still go down to politicking, sabotaging the successful candidate because they wanted another candidate to pass the exams. Which defeats the purpose of forming a government and running it as controlled as the corporate models.

I'll let this idea brew in my mind if I still find it amusing to follow this train of thought.