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Monday, December 20, 2004

David Mack emailed me!!!

(fangirl swoons)

Hello Jaclyn,

David Mack here.
Thank you for the kind words about my work. And
you for reading my books!

I do hope to visit Manila. Maybe in 2005?

Bibliarch has invited me to do a signing there.
So I
hope to do that as soon as I have time.
They just sent me their new newsletter which has
interview with me in it. And the newsletter says
will have Kabuki books available at their

So hopefully you can get any Kabuki books there.
there is any Kabuki books or merchandise that you
still need, or cannot find there, you are welcome
order it from us at this e-mail address. Or from
checklist in the back of any Kabuki book.

Thanks for inlcuding the link to yoru art!
It is very impressive. I saw that you posted on
message board and I looked at your art and photos

Thanks for writing to me here.
If it is ok with you, I plan to inlcude your
e-mail in
an upcoming issue of Kabuki in the letters

Please tell the people from Fully Booked and
that I say hello!

And please feel welcome to continue to show your
on the Kabuki messageboard.
I also post at the Brian Bendis board at the
Imagecomics boards. You are welcome to promote
artwork there as well.
I'm sure everyone will love to see it!

Kindest and warmest regards to you!
David Mack


Deck said...

Whoa! (jaw drops!) :D

Sean said...

It says something about the quality of a writer/artist when he takes the time to answer his mail...

Heffer Wolfe said...

kakatuwa naman. i'm real happy for ya! :D

solo flite said...

ayos! :D

Dominique said...

Hmmm...I smell a guest pin-up in the offing. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya! Good luck, Jac!

batangbatugan said...

ASTEEG! Wow, David Mack really is a nice guy. So happy for ya! =D

therese said...

OMG! David Mack in Manila?!!! *faints*