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Thursday, December 16, 2004

babysitter... NOT!

I've been left in the house with my bro and my younger sis.

When lunchtime came along I scraped off the last of the rice leftover from breakfast and served it along with our choice of food opened straight out of the can. Wan wisely prepared her own meal.

I realized it was time to eat dinner at the usual way.

My tummy was growling and howling mutiny.

So I went down to cook rice, only to find our rice bin empty. I went to the phone to try having food delivered(parrying guys' calls for wan) but it's past delivering time. I decided to go out and buy takeout but wan insisted I stay home and cook, opening a fresh sack of rice.

Por que hindi siya kakain ng lulutuin ko.

But it's still sweet of her to prepare the pot and place it on the stove for cooking. I tried to watch it but somehow it still got burned. She asked me what viands we'll be having. I decided on hotdogs over fish. I did what I could remember from the last I really cooked(1997): heated the skillet, added oil, then put the food in. But they burned the moment they touched the surface. I was told it's because I let the skillet heat up too much. So dinner is served. Burned rice and burned hotdogs.

I knew I should have bought pizza.

I washed up after I served the dinner to my bro Allan. By the time I got to get dinner for myself I barely saved 2 last hotdogs from my bro who has been demolishing them at an amazing speed(to think they're burned, too). As usual, Wan the HRM graduate made a meal for herself. Nakakahiya naman kung utusan ko, I was put in charge to take care of them, not the other way around.

Now washing dishes I have no problem with, I even find it therapeutic. It's just frustrating how I suck at cooking. But like I learned 7 years ago, I just need enough practice. 1997 my sister Vivi and I moved into a dorm where we can cook our own food. within 2 semesters I became confident enough to cook for myself and my friends. I'm still nowhere near chef level but at least I could feed myself.

Anyway, whenever I'm told "di ka pwedeng mag-asawa" I just say I'd get married because I want to live the rest of my life loving my husband, not cooking for him.

But still, I appreciate it whenever someone cooks for me. I got used to eating for the sake of surviving; so eating as a luxury, as an activity to enjoy is very special for me. It is the rare times I get to know what it feels like to live to eat, instead of my default eat to live.

So yeah, to every one who ever cooked/baked/made anything for me; rest assured, I still remember you, and will never forget you, even if some of you are not that close to me as we used to be. As for the rest, I'm just glad fate granted me to let us be closer :)

I remember them all, from brownies made for my birthday, to even the instant noodle soup a roommate made for me when I was sick.

Excuse me for my line of thought, I'm hungry again :9


Sean said...

More... (ahem) food for thought for the readers. :)

Ilyn said...

Gerry cooks. I wash the dishes. I don't mind it at all. :)

Arashi-KIshu said...

may gulay...

Raipo said...

Parang ngayon, tsimoy ako ng kapatid kong buntis...

Deck said...

Think of it as an artform... like drawing :D