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Thursday, June 24, 2004

FOUND! Philippine Inquirer dated June 13, 2004 Sunday

Read the article of this clipping here!
Check out the art here!

Voltaire of Artists Den mentioned before that my name and artwork Meteora appeared in Sunday Inquirer last last Sunday June 13. Cathy has a copy of it and texted me to let me know and brought it at the Toy Con! Thank you :D


Oh, and Derrick sent pics he took when he went to Shanghai! See them here

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

From top left: Avatars of Vivi, me, Wanwan and Mamy for Yahoo Messenger

They don't look exactly like us, but it does show our tastes and personality :D


Ed Clone! Check it out in Edgar Tadeo's blog!

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Chronicles of Riddick

...I wanna have his baby. "Talk to me, Vin Diesel! Talk some more!!!" (swoons)


Read the June 5, 2004 post below!
Work in China?

I've been trying to get a job in China because the pay is good, the experience would be great, and I want to learn my father's language more.

Today I am one of the applicants considered for their designer position. If I get the job I have to be there in China before the 26th of this month.

Which means I may not be able to go to Toy Con anymore. Maybe.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

In reply to Blitzkerieg's question:

"We are now organizing the "3rd Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2004". This will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 3 on June 27, 2004 from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. This event now encompasses not just the collectors market but the hobby market as well, including RPG games, airsoft and combat gaming, online gaming, Techdech, etc.

This single day event is expected to bring in 40 of the country's top collectible exhibitors including licensees in eminent toy brands and prominent hobby merchants. We are anticipating a crowd of at least 5000 people in this mega-event.

hope we see you there!


This is from Azrael's email. I'll be going there to sell my indies "Jac Strips For YOU!!!" so I hope you go there and buy them if you haven't already :) I am also selling 'quick comic caricatures' (try saying that fast!) like these:

James and his Bond Girls
PHP Slytherin Quidditch Team

All you gotta do is drop off pics of the people you want me to draw (you, your friend, etc) and maybe ref pics of costumes/themes you want me to use, along with the payment. The first was a James Bond theme, and the second gave me ref pics of the Slytherin Quidditch uniform. After you throughly enjoyed touring the whole of TOYCON you come back to my booth and pick it up :)

So I hope you got pics ready when we see each other at the TOYCON! :D

Adel, I'm wearing the pink skirt then so you can draw me uli! Wheeeee! Hehehe, nagiging trademark ko na ata yung skirt na yun! yun din suot ko kasi nung TV interview sa Breakfast at Studio 23!


Whenever I sell my caricatures in events, it goes like this:

1) When someone wants me to draw a caricature, the person gives me a picture of the one I'm drawing

2) They tell me the theme they want.

3) They pay me P150 for every person to be drawn

4) Then they go on to enjoy the convention.

5) When they're ready to leave they come back to me and claim the finished drawing :)

For example, if a photo looks like this and they wished to wear that Bruce Lee suit like in Kill Bill:

The drawing could look like this:

Now I hope Gerry won't kill me for this, because actually, I did this drawing as my surprise birthday gift to him. I had this idea of drawing him as a spoof for Kill Bill because the 'villain' in Wasted was named Bill and he mentioned that he that he thought that Bruce Lee suit looked cool so... ;)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Knife-Wielding Maniacs

I was on my way home in a jeep one day when a big, dark and fat guy got on, facing the driver, while I was sitting at the end nearest the passenger exit at the back. I was a bit puzzled at his ragged and stained clothing, but dismissed it thinking he's a butcher or something.

My presumptions were proved wrong when he started talking to nobody in particular, sometimes even cursing to people who hasn't been talking with them. I still gave it no mind thinking he could be harmless.

As I faced his back, he hitched up and scratched his back, exposing a long kitchen knife tucked at the belt of his denim shorts, then pulled his shirt back down over the knife. I realized the stains on his shirt looked more like bloodstains, and they were right over where the knife was hidden.

That's when I turned at the girl seated across me, who was the only other person to see the knife, since everyone else in the jeep was seated between the crazy and the driver. The jeep was only half full, so everyone could afford to sit facing the driver.

I reacted to to the girl's alarmed look on her face by jokingly pretending to jump off the jeep. She smiled, somewhat relieved of some of the tension at the moment. I then texted my friend about the knife wielding crazy in a blood-stained shirt, who in turn quickly replied telling me to get off the jeep. Now. I guess they're afraid the crazy guy would suddenly decide to re-enact a Wasted scene.

I was not that keen on getting off the jeep. Call me silly, but it's because I already paid for my fare and I wanted to get my fare's worth. And also because I'm worried about the other passengers, which included a mother and her toddler son.

I was resolving to get off the jeep only when I'm sure everyone else has gotten off before me and are all safe when my friend called, ordering me to get off the jeep. I tried to protest but they wouldn't hear of it. When the girl across from me saw me call the driver to stop, she quickly moved to get off the jeep herself.

Still worried, I called out to the mother with her toddler to get off the jeep too. The mother just gave me a puzzled look. As we caught another jeep, I voiced my concern for the last 2 passengers with the crazy to the girl who got off the jeep with me. She said she's sure the two would get off themselves soon.

The girl recounted the story to the passengers of the new jeep why we got off practically in the middle of nowhere and transferred to another jeep, telling them about the crazy and his bright orange-handled knife hidden by his bloodstained shirt. I got home uneventfully after that.

Actually, this reminded me of a similar incident...

I was still in college then, and I was also on my way home, only I was riding a bus to San Pablo. The bus broke down so we had to transfer. The conductors was settling payments and figuring out who already paid and who did not when the tow truck came and started hitching up the bus to tow.

The passengers must have been scared getting dragged with the bus by the tow truck or something because they all got off the bus before the conductor was done settling accounts and tickets. Of course he got pissed and told the tow truck guys to at least wait until the passengers have transferred, shouting about the guys being so money hungry that they can't wait to get paid for towing.

I was actually pretty oblivious the whole time, minding my own business and sitting on my pretty little @$$ waiting for the next bus to tansfer to. Until I heard the lady beside me screaming about somebody getting a knife and she's scared for her baby and all. That's when I looked up and almost hit my nose against a bolo knife(itak).

Turned out the shouting match has escalated to something far worse that the tow guys ran to their truck to get their own bolos out so the conductor took out his own(I didn't know until then that most motorists such as they have big-@$$ knives hidden in their vehicles).

I found myself shocked and talking rapidly to the conductor to put his knife away, "MANONG! Itabi n'yo po 'yung itak!"("SIR! Please put the knife away!")

The conductor had fear in his eyes, unsure of what to do, "Aatake na sila e!"("But they're attacking!"). When I looked out of the bus windshield ahead, I saw one of the tow guys angrily running back to the bus, carrying his own itak. the mother beside me screamed and her infant daughter cried.

I turned to the driver and shouted, "Isara n'yo yung pinto!"("Close the doors!")

Man, it was like a freakin' movie. The door sealed shut the exact moment the towguy reached us and brought his itak down, the blade glancing off the metal doors. As the we, people trapped inside the bus(me, the conductor, the driver, the lady and her baby) watched the towguy banging against the door in futility, I quietly asked the conductor to put away his knife, which he was still clutching.

He slowly moved his hand to put it back in its hiding place, while I talked to him in a soft voice the whole time, telling him that they shouldn't get carried away and let such small things lead to too heavy consequences. He was concerned about the towguy still lashing out at the door. I told him his anger will pass when he tires out and regains his senses.

I stood before the door and faced the guy lashing out on the other side. I guess he got embarassed or something because he finally stopped a few moments later, and put his knife down. Barring the entrance I asked the driver to open the doors. Then softly asked the towguy, "Ok na po kayo?"("You ok now, sir?").

He sheepishly bowed his head as I gently joked, "Kayo talaga, tinakot n'yo po kami e!"("You silly, you scared us!") and we laughed as I told him not to do it again. I then told him that they can hitch up the bus after our busguys would see us transferred to another bus.

The towguy was saying the conductor started it calling him names. I said he was just grumpy because his bus broke down(wouldn't you?). I then pointed out to the towguy that the baby was smiling at him(OOOH! Lookie! The baby was smiling at you! Wheeeeee!).

By the time another bus came along for us to transfer to, the towguy was playing and making 'kootchi-koo' noises waving bye-bye to the baby :)

Of course, when I reached home and told the fam about it they all said I was crazy to put myself in danger like that and told me not to do it ever again ;D

Saturday, June 05, 2004


Check it out here! Wheeeee!


Yes! I submitted this art to Jag Jeans, the sponsor of this event, because Azrael said I might win free tickets. I made that art because I really wanted to draw something for the month of June, so I never expected to win in the contest.

But June 14, Monday, I got text messages telling me that I've won 2 gold(front row) tickets for the Linkin Park concert! I quickly ran from third floor to the ground floor of our house to tell Bebe the good news. She texted my mom and my sister Wanwan who were equally ecstatic.

By next morning I am told that it's been decided that its Wanwan who I'm gonna take to the concert with me because she's the biggest fan of Linkin Park in our family. And she was quoted thus: "I'm going to that concert no matter what!!!"

So I went to Makati got my tickets and went to work. I hoped Wan could meet me in Glorietta but she doesn't know how so I had to pick her up in Ortigas. I taught her how to get to Glorietta by MRT, then took a taxi from there.

The taxi dropped us off at the right spot and we found our way to the Gold Ticket gate and got in. We then weaved our way through the crowd to get as close to the stage as possible. Wan used her Samsung phone to take pictures while I just screamed along the singing the songs and had fun.

Late Wan said we were crwoded in there literally rubbing elbows with the newest batch of Star Circle. She said they've been giving us looks as if they're wondering why we didn't recognize them. She wanted to take Hero's picture but was too shy.

In my case I really had no idea who they were and I'm not really into local showbiz. All I know was that I lost my balance, stepped on a girl's sandalled foot, who in turn yelled "Ouch! FUUUUUUUU@K!" So I just told Wan "Cool, I stomped on a Star Circle kid!" Seriously though, my apologies to her toe. Heheh!

After the concert(which I still believe is too short to be worth the money the free tickets were worth) we walked along texting others we could meet. I got to contact Ariel Atienza and Azrael and we met up for pictures. The went off to find someplace to sleep.

I thought of trying out Victoria Court because I heard it's affordable and it's okay enough. We laughed our heads off teasing each other about the possible greetings we might be welcomed with by the receptionist of the motel:

"Madam! Welcome back! Would you like the room from last time? Oh! So you're into women now! What? You're sisters?? KINKIER!"

But of course we just received the usual greetings and are led to this room with a 'music theme'. Wan asked about me letting her have a smoke.

"Can I smoke?"
"Not inside the room."
"It's freakin' airconditioned!"
"You gonna make me smoke outside?? In this strange place?"
"Fine, don't smoke at all."
"Oh alright, not in the room then!"

In the morning I dropped her off in Ortigas and withdrew money for her allowance. She plans to pay it back when she gets money. I go on home after I get my camera and othe stuff I left in the office to make more space in my bag for Wan's things.

Thursday, June 03, 2004


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