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Saturday, June 05, 2004


Check it out here! Wheeeee!


Yes! I submitted this art to Jag Jeans, the sponsor of this event, because Azrael said I might win free tickets. I made that art because I really wanted to draw something for the month of June, so I never expected to win in the contest.

But June 14, Monday, I got text messages telling me that I've won 2 gold(front row) tickets for the Linkin Park concert! I quickly ran from third floor to the ground floor of our house to tell Bebe the good news. She texted my mom and my sister Wanwan who were equally ecstatic.

By next morning I am told that it's been decided that its Wanwan who I'm gonna take to the concert with me because she's the biggest fan of Linkin Park in our family. And she was quoted thus: "I'm going to that concert no matter what!!!"

So I went to Makati got my tickets and went to work. I hoped Wan could meet me in Glorietta but she doesn't know how so I had to pick her up in Ortigas. I taught her how to get to Glorietta by MRT, then took a taxi from there.

The taxi dropped us off at the right spot and we found our way to the Gold Ticket gate and got in. We then weaved our way through the crowd to get as close to the stage as possible. Wan used her Samsung phone to take pictures while I just screamed along the singing the songs and had fun.

Late Wan said we were crwoded in there literally rubbing elbows with the newest batch of Star Circle. She said they've been giving us looks as if they're wondering why we didn't recognize them. She wanted to take Hero's picture but was too shy.

In my case I really had no idea who they were and I'm not really into local showbiz. All I know was that I lost my balance, stepped on a girl's sandalled foot, who in turn yelled "Ouch! FUUUUUUUU@K!" So I just told Wan "Cool, I stomped on a Star Circle kid!" Seriously though, my apologies to her toe. Heheh!

After the concert(which I still believe is too short to be worth the money the free tickets were worth) we walked along texting others we could meet. I got to contact Ariel Atienza and Azrael and we met up for pictures. The went off to find someplace to sleep.

I thought of trying out Victoria Court because I heard it's affordable and it's okay enough. We laughed our heads off teasing each other about the possible greetings we might be welcomed with by the receptionist of the motel:

"Madam! Welcome back! Would you like the room from last time? Oh! So you're into women now! What? You're sisters?? KINKIER!"

But of course we just received the usual greetings and are led to this room with a 'music theme'. Wan asked about me letting her have a smoke.

"Can I smoke?"
"Not inside the room."
"It's freakin' airconditioned!"
"You gonna make me smoke outside?? In this strange place?"
"Fine, don't smoke at all."
"Oh alright, not in the room then!"

In the morning I dropped her off in Ortigas and withdrew money for her allowance. She plans to pay it back when she gets money. I go on home after I get my camera and othe stuff I left in the office to make more space in my bag for Wan's things.

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