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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In case "I" chatted with you between last Saturday afternoon to today, chances are, it wasn't me. For I was offline the whole time I was spending the 3-day holiday in Laguna.

A friend told me that "I" went online and chatted "me" up. When I didn't reply he sent me a txt message asking if I was online. I said no and that's when I realized that my Yahoo Messenger has been hacked. I TRIED to get online, but the Loser kept logging back in, hence signing ME out. Several times.

In the end I finally managed to change my password so the Loser was unable to make me sign out anymore. Apologies to anyone who may have experienced any nastiness thanks to "me" while I was offline.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Take PILYA anywhere!

You can even take her home with you ;) if you have Smart WAP, that is. All you gotta do is get online with your Smart mobile, check out What's New, and choose Komiks Network. You'll find PILYA there where you can download her comics into your phone.

To download PILYA via the SMART WAP site:

Go to SMART WAP site: http://wap.smart.com.ph
Select What's New.
Choose Komiks Network.
And most importantly, choose Pilya ;)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


May I introduce to you the newest baby in the house, our little princess Grace. She's my niece! And of course, here's the new 'ahia', Mikko, my 3-yr old nephew and godkid:

He already starred in my strips before: smarties 1 2 3

Congrats EJ!!!

Remember EJ? I was checking my Friendster and found that she updated her photos so I found out that she and her husband have already opened their gym! And I also want to take this chance to congratulate her for winning the ladies' category of Men's Health Best Body.

UPDATE: She told me that if you refer 10 of your friends to sign up at their gym, you get a FREE 1-yr membership!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jay Eff Kay as Unabomber

Here's another commission where Jay Eff Kay wanted his face to be superimposed to the Unabomber-sketch by Jeanne Boylan.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wonky Yahoo Mail

I'm really getting fed up by this. I've been using my Yahoo mail since 1998 but since last month I seem to be noticing that noone has been receiving my emails, no matter how many times I've emailed them. Especially when I attach files to them.

I really hope Yahoomail resolves this issue immediately, for my freelance job relies in their service a lot. I had to open a mail account at their competitor's just to be able to successfully email the needed files to my clients.