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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


May I introduce to you the newest baby in the house, our little princess Grace. She's my niece! And of course, here's the new 'ahia', Mikko, my 3-yr old nephew and godkid:

He already starred in my strips before: smarties 1 2 3


pt said...

Oh my gosh!

Jac! what a kowinkydink! We have a new baby too! ^_^

Here. It really is something, isn't it?

AKILEZ said...

Cute Kids!!!

They reminded of my daughter. They are so precious and innocent.

Take Care

Jac said...

pt- Eeeee! So cuuuuute! We also tried to take pics at the nursery but the nurses shooed us away after some silly dad took pics WITH FLASH.

achilles- thanks dude! You too ^_^

evan said...

Great pics Jac, beautiful baby ^_^

Jac said...

evan- Yay! Thanks man ^_^ I wanted to post a pic of him wearing the Superman outfit I picked out for him, but I've yet to get a pic of it.

azrael said...

ang laki na ni mikko!!

Jac said...

az- dalaw ka uli! isama mo si momy lace! :D hayyy sana this sunday para sa december komikero meeting. Mabibinyagan na din si Lace hahaha!