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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Art by Jos Fouts, Pinoy siya :)

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Feb 16 Shangri La Hotel

Hehehe wala lang ;) Ask Az

So how did it go?

Pretty well, actually :) I had a blast!

I was freaking nervous before we started, but when it was all over, I'm pretty glad it looked good on the video. I'll post them here for viewing here as soon as I get the pics and videos :)

I got off work at CPI past 6pm, because I was waiting for the art director to come back so I could ask for his leave. But it's been almost an hour since he stepped out so I had no choice but to rush to Shangri La hotel without waiting for his leave to let me go. I texted him that I could come back after if he still wants me to work some more(the next day though he said he never got any text messages from me. Strange).

At the MRT the stupid train broke down right after it stops in the station!!! After waiting for 20 minutes I finally decided to take the cab by myself for the first time. I noted the cab's name and plate number and texted it to Rej. I even asked the driver for his name, who gamely handed over his driver ID. Of course I texted that too.

I chatted the driver up until I realized that I have no money with me, and asked him to help me find an ATM. We found one in Starmall, where I paid him with tip. And ran to Shangri-La hotel from there in my corporate outfit. I gotta tell you that I wore sneakers since the day after because my leather ankle boots positively killed my feet that night! I totally owe myself some foot pampering in Cat's Posh Nails ;)

I found the pool side venue when the event is already in the speech part! I'm told that the performers from Enchanted Kingdom has already finished their number. Rej showed me to the dressing room where I changed to my Jue costume. I then ran out to the side of the stage where the other cosplayers are waiting.

Dante wonderfully kept bringing all this amazing food and drinks to us while we waited. Man, I wish I could eat for free in hotels like Shangri La more often. My mouth was definitely having a party that night. We didn't eat much before the sword fight save for the fruit shakes and yummy chocolate fruit tarts, but my heart felt like it grew butterfly wings out of sheer happiness. I just love dessert food!

Then suddenly Rej, Oneal and Luna said it's our turn because the music of Animatrix is already playing. Even when we thought it was kind off-cue (because we thought the Star Wars guys should go before us), we ran onto the stage.

While I wore the Jue costume, Rej wore a white spagetti strap top and short shorts, while Luna wore her same sleek black outfit from the time she staged a sword fight with Rej. We lined up in front of the audience near the back of the stage while Oneal, in black, did a sword demo between us and the audience. We were trying to stop from giggling because we caught some guys watching us instead of him hahaha!

Oneal then handed a sword(ok, ok, it was actually a golf club without the club... erm, try to stay with me here ;) to Luna and they did their sword choreography. I enjoyed watching them because it looked pretty good. I think somebody made a mistake when Luna suddenly was smiled while they were fighting, but since it's supposed to be a Matrix training program it's ok :)

Then they haded the swords/golf shafts/whatever to me and Rej. We went into position and started... along the way I forgot what to do next, so I was glad Rej was talking me through hahaha! I let myself fall for real (my bruises are still haling) when Rej was doing her 'fighting dirty' part. Oneal then stepped in and fought with her to th cute endng :) I'm glad everyone there thought my group's performance looked good.

Here's a PIC! From left: Oneal, Rej, Dante, me and Az! Thanks Az for the pic!

After which I stuffed myself silly with Penne pasta and some cheese filled pasta, ravioli? And took more desserts that I could find, since there was only little food left because the Anime Explosion guests have finished eating before out performance. We ate and chatted while we w5tched the fireworks, which was a bit late or off-cue, but of course it still looks nice when it did start :) Then the band from Enchanted Kingdom played some songs onstage while the guests chatted, mingled or danced.

We went off and got dressed. I finally got to wear that backless sparkly turquoise top (I was supposed to wear as abay) and everyone liked it. I drank red wine as I met more people in the animation industry with Cathy. I'd love to learn animation, definitely. And I'm glad I'm learning the After Effects program in CPI. I've made animations to be aired in Lifestyle Network and Myx so far. Now if only I could learn frame by frame animation. Like in Flash :)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Nokia 2600

Yay! Thanks dad! Hope I could download cool stuff soon with this ;) Maybe Darna. Hehe!