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Friday, July 30, 2004


A friend told me about this PORTRAIT ILLUSTRATION MAKER he found in Nikki's blog. Go try your own! I'd recommend a FAST connection though. It may take a thousand times of loading before you could finish creating one.

ICE CREAM UPDATE: Tried Cappucino Ice Cream for breakfast ;) Don't worry Mamy, I'll eat more later.

Oh, and speaking of Mamy, for the benefit of all Mamy's fanboys (say "MILF" and DIE!), I'll,post her pic here when I find a good one ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2004


I have so far tried Strawberry Ice Cream Pie, Chocolate Ice cream Pie, Bubblegum Ice Cream, Black Forest Ice Cream, and Dulce de Leche. I'll try Strawberry Ice Cream next when I find the time :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Click HERE to see the FINISHED Siglo Pin-up :)

Friday, July 23, 2004

Subject: BOYLET

boy - n. a male child from birth to puberty
-let - n suffix small one

"Ano ba ibig sabihin ng boylet?"

Tanong yan sa akin ng isang boylet. Pero ano nga ba ang ibig sabihin ng 'boylet'? Ewan ko ba, pero napulot ko yan sa mga bading kong kaibigan. "Ate, yummy ang boylet mo." "Bakla, saan ba may boylet dito?" Pero kung talagang pag-iisipan, mahirap ma-define ang boylet. Ito ba'y dahil sa age? Sa maturity? Sa height? Sa looks?

Ang boylet, kailangang bata, or at least, ka-age mo. Kasi pag mas matanda ng ilang taon, hindi na boylet yon, tander-cat na. As in tanders. Tanders from matanda -- matanders -- tanders -- tander-cat (origin - thundercat). Grabe ang evolution ng mga salita, di ba?

Dapat din daw, ang boylet, hindi mo boyfriend, pero hindi lang din friend. So, ibig sabihin, napakalalim ng kahulugan ng "-let" sa suffix sa boylet. Biro mo, ang "-let" ang nag-define ng isang relasyon na mas malalim, at malamang mas intimate sa friendship, pero less committed at non-exclusive kung ikukumpara sa boyfriend. Tsk, tatlong letra lang yan, pero it makes a world of difference. Kaya ang isang boy, para maging boylet, kailangang maging isang tao na kayang tumawid sa pagitan ng
pagiging isang boyfriend o lover at isang kaibigan.

So pwede din ba gamitin ang "-let" sa mga tander-cats? Hmmm. parang masagwa -- tander-lets? Tander-cat-lets? Kasi naman pag tander-cats, mas malamang na naghahanap ng isang relasyon na hindi passing fancy lang. Pero hindi yan generalization, okay? Madami pa din namang mga tander-cats na isip-boylet. So, anong tawag natin sa kanila?
Closet-boylets? Ay, ambot!

Ano pa ang distinguishing factor ng isang boylet? Sabi ng isang kaibigan na nagkaroon na ng relasyon mula sa both ends of the continuum -- from the youngest of boylets to super tander-cats, ang boylet, fling lang daw. Kapag naging seryoso ang relasyon o "arrangement" sa isang boylet, pwede nang tanggalin ang suffix na "-let" at palitan ng salitang "friend". But it is not necessarily true na promotion sa boylet ang pagiging boyfriend. Isipin mo yon, pag may boyfriend ka na, bawal na ang
mga boylets. Eh kung puro boylets lang, walang hassles, walang guilt involved, kasi nga, ang "-let" ang sasalba sa iyo. Ang "-let" ang nagsasabi na hindi naman kayo exclusive sa isa't-isa. Ang galing talaga ng "-let"! Pwede din kaya itong gamitin sa ibang salita? Halimbawa, kung itatanong sa iyo ng jowa mo, "Do you love me?" Ang problema, hindi ka sigurado kung anong isasagot. Isipin mo, pag sinabi mong 'yes',
sangkatutak na exclusivity na yan. Pag naman 'no', aba, eh, baka mag-isip ang jowa mo at iwan ka. So, pwede bang "yes-let" ang isagot? Ang "-let" na lang uli ang bahala to fill in the gaps. Ibig sabihin pag 'yes-let', oo, love kita ngayon, pero may possibility na bawiin ko in the future. O kaya naman, oo, love naman kita, pero pwede pa ba akong humirit ng one last boylet?

Boylet -- boy na maliit o cute? Di ba't ang ibig sabihin ng suffix na "-let" at cute o naman kaya'y maliit? Parang islet, maliit na island; booklet, maigsi o manipis na compilation ng materials. Hindi naman kasi magandang pakinggan kung tatawagin silang mini-boys. Mas maganda at endearing nga ang tunog ng boylet, parang honeylet.

Pero pano naman pala ang tawag sa girl version ng mga boylet? Girlet? Parang hindi akma. Mas maganda siguro kung girlash. Pero hindi nito ganap na mailalarawan kung ano ang essence ng pagiging quasi-gf, semi-friend. So, in short, sa mga boys lang pwedeng magkaroon ng suffix na "-let", ganon ba yon? Baka naman kasi ibang suffix ang angkop sa mga girls.

Kung ikaw ang mamimili, ano ang mas gusto mo, isang boylet na nagpapaka-tanders, o isang tander-cat na nagpapaka-boylet? Magulong isipin, pero ang isang boylet na nagpapaka-tandercat ay yung tipong pa-mature effect. Ang dami kunwaring angst sa buhay, pinapalaki ang pinakamaliit na issue - para nga naman makasabay sya sa lahat ng angst ng nakakatandang babae. Insecurity siguro ng mga boylet, o maaari rin
namang mature na talaga, pero hindi natin malalaman, unless, gusto mong makilala ng masinsinan ang boylet mo. Ang mga tandercats naman na nagpapaka-boylet ay yung mga feeling groovy at w-a-a-a-y-y C-O-O-L, na kadalasan ay hindi naman talaga, nagpupumilit lang. Maaari din naman na sila yung mga tandercats na may mental age ng isang 15-yr old. Ito ang isang proof na may mga taong walang pinagkatandaan, at ang emotional at mental age ng tao ay iba-iba sa biological age.

Ang isa pang tanong, gaano ka-boylet ang kaya mo, kung baga sa low-waist pants, how low can you go? Basta siguraduhin na above 18 ang boylet, kundi, sa kalaboso ang bagsak mo, statutory rape yon, kung di mo alam. 3 years? 4, 5, 6? Depende naman talaga sa iyo yan. Pero isipin mo lang na kung 9 years ang gap nyo, aba ineng, nung pinanganak sya ay may monthly period ka na! Hindi ba kapangi-pangilabot yon? Pero kung kaya mo, o 'carry' mo, ika nga ng aking mga baklakekok na kaibigan, eh di sige,
magpakadalubhasa sa pangangarir ng mga boylet. I-career! At bakit hindi? Ilan pa lamang ang may MA at PhD degree sa Boylet Affairs Management.

Pero bakit nga ba natin kailangan ng mga boylet? Sabi ng isang kaibigan, gusto nyang ma-re-affirm na sya ay may asim pa. Suggestion ko lang, pwede naman litmus test na lang for acidity ang gamitin, di ba? Yung iba naman, pantawid-gutom daw. Ano ang akala nila sa mga boylet, mini-cup na pansit canton? Yung iba naman, just so they'll feel alive again daw, to feel young, fresh and to get their groove back. Aside from botox treatment, napakadami pang mga services ni Dra. Vicky ang pwede para magmukha at maging feeling young.

Pasalamat tayo at nandyan sila - para magbigay ng kasiyahan, company, aliw, o kung ano pa man. Sa dami ng mga benefits na dinadala ng mga boylets na ito sa ating buhay, gusto ko lang magbigay ng pugay sa kanila. Mabuhay ang mga boylet, dakila kayo! Go forth and multiply!

Thursday, July 22, 2004


July 28, 2004
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves
Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati

for those who are intrested to attend and join us in our monthly Eye ball event email me at

azrael (at) gmail (dot) com

this will be the start of a new community for all pinoy deviant art artists.

agenda of the event are:
meet members
art sharing
job offers and gigs
proposal for a DA exhibit
convention and more....

this eye ball meet is organized by the Artists' Den

Azrael Deasis Coladilla
Ariel Atienza
and Jaclyn Ting Lim

Artists' Den Mailing List

Monday, July 19, 2004


"Siglo pin-up WIP" (Work In Progress) I just have to add a background, draw art materials lying everywhere, and their shadows on the floor :)

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Heehee! To commemorate my getting the job here in CSB :D

MCO asked me to design a logo for our office based on their students' designs. I chose the most popular one, namely Peewee's (also our MCO web guy) and this is what got approved :) I'm pretty happy they liked it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

If you're VERY familiar with the CSB area, you'd guess where I live now ;)

It's pretty cool. I'm sharing the room with 4 other girls. Two of them UP students, a St. Scho, and another studying music, majoring in the clarinet. In short I'm the 'Ate' again ;)

Monday, July 12, 2004

(Sorry, watched Finding Nemo for the hundredth time)

Yay! It's my first day here in CSB! I am tasked to submit a poster design by Wednesday, and it's cool how they're letting me feel my way around muna today. I got to borrow materials like newsletters and catalogs and primers to learn all about CSB. I'm wondering if I could study here too heheheh! Maybe Flash and html... but of course, work first ;) I am definitely using my time here in Manila to learn. I'll just figure out basing on my work schedule what I can study.

I was given a tour around the campus and I'm impressed at how they manage to get everything(classrooms, admins, offices) in such a small space. But that's just me being a UST grad ;) And their canteen is droolworthy! ;D I can't wait to eat all the flavors of the ice cream there ONE BY ONE! Just like I did when Dairy Queen opened near UST back in college. I managed to try all the flavors by the time schoolyear ended ;9

Thursday, July 01, 2004

New art uploaded! In watercolor! I haven't painted manually in watercolor since freshman college! Ack! Check it out HERE!

And here's the caricature I sold on last Sunday's Toycon!

Check it out here!

And here are pics Edgar Tadeo sent me from the same event!

here's me working the booth with Jerald (who got mistaken for Gerry Alanguilan!)

And with newest member Lyra aka Betty Page Komikera (hehehe!)

Hoy Adel! Kala ko ba do-drowing mo ako?? ;9


Good news! College of Saint Benilde called me yesterday saying I'm hired as their Senior Graphic Artist! YAY! I'm meeting them today this 2pm and I'm supposed to bring my SSS#, TIN#, transcript, ID pic and resume!

This morning Mei-Tak liked my "Stacked Frogs" watercolor (my last ditch effort which I did in less than an hour because they kept turning down my digitally colored 'anime/comics-styled' drawings) so much they want to hire me for China!

Uh-oh... and the new York guys just sent me email to tell me that I'm now part of their office as their probationary freelance part-time artist. They told when I thought that they might not take me "You shouldn't be worried because you're a VERY shortlisted candidate. We like your illustrations and personality."

A month ago I'd kill for a problem like this. Having multiple job offers with possible salaries of twice my last salary working as an artist.

I should have been more careful what to wish for.

I really have no idea what to do with Engot. And I'm saddened that he just went to worse when we gave him all his chances to get better.

But who knows? Maybe Johnny's right. Maybe it really is all my fault. Maybe if I went off to China(finally???) he'll stop and act like when he first joined the group again.

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