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Thursday, July 01, 2004

New art uploaded! In watercolor! I haven't painted manually in watercolor since freshman college! Ack! Check it out HERE!

And here's the caricature I sold on last Sunday's Toycon!

Check it out here!

And here are pics Edgar Tadeo sent me from the same event!

here's me working the booth with Jerald (who got mistaken for Gerry Alanguilan!)

And with newest member Lyra aka Betty Page Komikera (hehehe!)

Hoy Adel! Kala ko ba do-drowing mo ako?? ;9


Good news! College of Saint Benilde called me yesterday saying I'm hired as their Senior Graphic Artist! YAY! I'm meeting them today this 2pm and I'm supposed to bring my SSS#, TIN#, transcript, ID pic and resume!

This morning Mei-Tak liked my "Stacked Frogs" watercolor (my last ditch effort which I did in less than an hour because they kept turning down my digitally colored 'anime/comics-styled' drawings) so much they want to hire me for China!

Uh-oh... and the new York guys just sent me email to tell me that I'm now part of their office as their probationary freelance part-time artist. They told when I thought that they might not take me "You shouldn't be worried because you're a VERY shortlisted candidate. We like your illustrations and personality."

A month ago I'd kill for a problem like this. Having multiple job offers with possible salaries of twice my last salary working as an artist.

I should have been more careful what to wish for.

I really have no idea what to do with Engot. And I'm saddened that he just went to worse when we gave him all his chances to get better.

But who knows? Maybe Johnny's right. Maybe it really is all my fault. Maybe if I went off to China(finally???) he'll stop and act like when he first joined the group again.


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