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Saturday, September 25, 2004

What is this PSII??

Mamy bought me stickers from her pasyal in the Saturday tiangge. They're Ragnarok and they're cute. But I was more interested with the ones she bought for my bro. Please tell me what it is (is it a game? etc) and where I can get more info about them. thanks! ;)

Anyway, I basically need to know who that longhaired chick is.

Raipo, I uploaded the same file in geocities :) Photobucket is acting strange lately. I'm experiencing the same problems Gerry had, but I hope it's only temporary :)

Find out your Stripper Name ;)

Your Stripper Name is: Vanilla

Friday, September 24, 2004

My Future Digicam?

I've decided to buy myself a digicam before the year's over, and so far I'm setting my sights on this:

KODAK EASYSHARE DX7440 Zoom Digital Camera

What I've been doing lately...

Hello! I'm online right now to submit strip 24 of Usapang K, a monthly comic strip sponsored by Community Card Services Ltd. in Hong Kong to be printed in The Sun.

I'm also submitting another sketch for Wunan who kindly offered to critique my works.

And besides finishing Azrael's Merryland fan art by making one sheep per day until all 8 are completed, I also submit to Altermedia images for MMS downloading. I started a brand new series called Lil Angelz for them to post in their website soon. When they're up I'll post a link so you guys can check it out ;)

That's for today. Oh, and I have added a link to Lico's wacky website called Liconomicon!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wanwan's Watercolors

Click HERE to view the first 6 uploaded watercolor paintings by my younger sister Wanwan :)

Friday, September 17, 2004

Azrael's Merryland in UgotGAME

I'm contributing fan arts for Az to exhibit at the UgotGAME event!

Check them out HERE!

And Azrael posted my works in his blog too! WHEE!

...Merryland cosplayer? JK! ;D

Hugs to Gabe for posting UgotGAME pics!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kuwatog and Rajima in UGOTGAME!

Yay! Parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta! Kelan uli? Saan? May entrance fee?

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 14:45:11 +0800
From: Ranulf Goss
To: jactinglim@yahoo.com

hi jack ,

kwatog and rajima will be in the game to be shown in Ugotgame this saturday. hope you can go. I'll put you there in the credits as "initial character designer".



Sunday, September 12, 2004

I'm in Fudge Magazine Issue 2!

Whee! Go buy a copy of the second issue of Fudge Magazine and you're sure to find me inside! Ana Gan interviewed me last month and has just assured that I'm featured in their newest issue! Yay!

FUDGE MAGAZINE is available in all National Bookstore outlets :)

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Happy Birthday Vivi!

Happy birthday to my soulmate/elder sister Vivi! Thank you for being the wise mentor sister to me all these years :)

To see her in my strips click on these links:

Smarties 1
Smarties 2
Smarties 3

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bovine Elf

Thanks :)

And also, Eric Cueto graciously accepted my fan art for their Darna website. If you have Darna fan arts of your own, email him at flydarnafly at yahoo dot com! You can view my Darna fan art here!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Register Your Cell Phone NOW

TEXT682 =Anti-Phone Theft Service

NOW they tell me I should've registered my phone! I tried registering it using my new sim since I know its IMEI and SIM numbers, but they won't accept it. They said I have to use the sim to register itself. Like hell that thief would kindly register it for me. "Mamang magnanakaw, paki text nga ito sa 682..." "paki-block na rin ha?" Riiiiiiiiiight.

Now all I could do for the moment is register my new phone. All I could do for my old phone is to hope I still have the old sim pack. Which I doubt, because I never thought of keeping them. The box is a sure goner. I used it as a gift box last Christmas(I could almost hear the National Bookstore employees saying "See? SEE? Now THAT's why we sell these nifty giftboxes!") Oooookay.

All I have is the stolen phone's IMEI(written on the receipt by the tindera), and the PIN stored in my head. Now I hope I remembered the right PIN. Because I'll be going ALL the way to Agham Road where the NTC office is. I'm supposed to bring the box and the simpack of the stolen cellphone, but all I have now is the receipt(which I'm amazed I still found) and the PIN in my head.

I plan to go later so I could be early tomorrow to go there. That means I gotta build my China portfolio before I go. I'm buying a new map for myself. I've been using dad's map since mine got lost when my sister was using it(Running from stalkers. Long story). Another Ryoga adventure...

And I also plan to buy colored markers for my latest gig: kiddie caricatures. I'm recently hired to make caricatures for kids in a Justice League-themed birthday party. I found out using felt tip markers make me finish faster.

I went with mom yesterday to Manila to visit their friends Kuya Lito and Ate Lina. Dad has been hoping for the longest time that Kuya Lito would help me find a job as an artist in China. That way we can be together and he'd be less homesick. When I'm there na, I'm supposed to figure out how to get the rest of the family in China too, because a lot of the Pinoy workers he met there are moving their families to China. Some even enrolled their Pinoy kids in Chinese Schools.

We also visited my Tita Dory after. The first thing she asked is why I didn't get to buy foam for the soundbooth anymore. I told her there was no budget to continue the project. I used the phone to call friends in Manila. Then we ate sweet and sour Fish (yep, big-a$$ fish!) and spam and orange juice and ube and instant pancit canton. We went there to visit Tito Jonji, my pogi uncle who had Bell's Palsy, but thankfully is recovering now. His ever-creative wife's latest raket is Balloon Twisting...

By the time we're ready to go home she's got one big balloon with 3 litle balloons inside, plus 2 flower twisted balloons, 2 small round balloons and a heart shaped one, too. She put curled ribbons on all of them as well as wrappings :)

Saturday, September 04, 2004

My cellphone was stolen

Last Friday, 10am, I got off a bus at Galeria to find my cellphone missing. I checked my person several times on the way to Summit office and confirmed enough that it's lost. After Summit told me that I'll have to come back later, I rushed to the bus station and found the conductor who directed me to his bus (good thing I kept the ticket). But I couldn't find my phone anywhere. He told me my seatmate got off the bus after me without even asking for change to his fare.

So I bought a sim in a Globe office and managed to borrow a phone to put the new sim in and tell my family what happened. I also emailed people about it because I was afraid the thief may cause my contacts harm.

I have just bought a new cellphone this morning and have recently gotten reports about my contacts getting messages from my old cellphone saying he(the thief) is willing to send me my important numbers. Strangely he didn't say anything about sending me my phone itself.

Worse, I also got reports of my contacts getting verbally abused by this thief.

To the lousy bastard who stole my phone, I was honestly willing to give you a chance to return my phone. I even told you I'd give you a monetary reward. Apparently you decided my phone is a better reward than anything.

I'm willing to forgive you for that. Perhaps you are so excited about the prospect of actually owning a cellphone for yourself.

But I can never forgive you for cursing and sending malicious text messages or calls to my contacts. You'll get what's coming to you for even thinking of harming my friends in any way. Minura mo pa mga nag-text sa yo! PUTANG INA MO!

To my contacts, I hope I have warned you enough.

Now, if anyone has any idea how I could block my unit and sim please let me know. I have so far asked Globe about it but they just said they can't do anything about it so I have to go to NTC so that they would help Globe do it for me.

My stolen cellphone is a Nokia 3315 with a matte-finish metallic red casing, number 351465300216181, with a Globe 64k sim number +63916 393 5721.

I'd call NTC myself, but I'm in Laguna :(