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Saturday, September 25, 2004

What is this PSII??

Mamy bought me stickers from her pasyal in the Saturday tiangge. They're Ragnarok and they're cute. But I was more interested with the ones she bought for my bro. Please tell me what it is (is it a game? etc) and where I can get more info about them. thanks! ;)

Anyway, I basically need to know who that longhaired chick is.

Raipo, I uploaded the same file in geocities :) Photobucket is acting strange lately. I'm experiencing the same problems Gerry had, but I hope it's only temporary :)


Raipo said...

As I said Jac, Phantasy Star Online yung mga stickers na nakuha mo. Sira nga pala yung link mo. Try typing "Phantasy Star Online" + "Dreamcast" or "Gamecube" or "Squaresoft"

azrael said...

meron ako phantasy star ....matagal na game na yan e.
i think nung SNES pa..

meron ako pang ROM emulator for pc ehhehe

grabe.RPG !

Arashi-KIshu said...

PSII? I think playstation 2 yun diba?

Raipo said...

Yes! Meron nga siya sa SNES and Sega Genesis! My personal fave is Phantasy Star 3 for Sega(nandun si Rhys). Try typing these keywords too.