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Saturday, September 04, 2004

My cellphone was stolen

Last Friday, 10am, I got off a bus at Galeria to find my cellphone missing. I checked my person several times on the way to Summit office and confirmed enough that it's lost. After Summit told me that I'll have to come back later, I rushed to the bus station and found the conductor who directed me to his bus (good thing I kept the ticket). But I couldn't find my phone anywhere. He told me my seatmate got off the bus after me without even asking for change to his fare.

So I bought a sim in a Globe office and managed to borrow a phone to put the new sim in and tell my family what happened. I also emailed people about it because I was afraid the thief may cause my contacts harm.

I have just bought a new cellphone this morning and have recently gotten reports about my contacts getting messages from my old cellphone saying he(the thief) is willing to send me my important numbers. Strangely he didn't say anything about sending me my phone itself.

Worse, I also got reports of my contacts getting verbally abused by this thief.

To the lousy bastard who stole my phone, I was honestly willing to give you a chance to return my phone. I even told you I'd give you a monetary reward. Apparently you decided my phone is a better reward than anything.

I'm willing to forgive you for that. Perhaps you are so excited about the prospect of actually owning a cellphone for yourself.

But I can never forgive you for cursing and sending malicious text messages or calls to my contacts. You'll get what's coming to you for even thinking of harming my friends in any way. Minura mo pa mga nag-text sa yo! PUTANG INA MO!

To my contacts, I hope I have warned you enough.

Now, if anyone has any idea how I could block my unit and sim please let me know. I have so far asked Globe about it but they just said they can't do anything about it so I have to go to NTC so that they would help Globe do it for me.

My stolen cellphone is a Nokia 3315 with a matte-finish metallic red casing, number 351465300216181, with a Globe 64k sim number +63916 393 5721.

I'd call NTC myself, but I'm in Laguna :(


Ed said...

Be careful next time, Jac. :) You can buy a cute chain that you can attach from your phone to your jeans or in your bag. Pang-ilang cellphone mo na 'to na nanakaw? ;)

Engot ka...este, INGAT ka. Hehehehe.


MommyBa said...

I'm sorry to hear about your stolen cellphone. Ipagpasa-Diyos mo na ang pagnanakaw na nangyari sa 'yo. I can't blame you if you're so furious. Marami talagang taong walang magawa ngayon - namerwisyo na, nambubwisit pa ng mga taong walang malay.

http://www.ntc.gov.ph/announcements/text682.htm <-- this may be useful for you.

God bless and be careful the next time. I'm glad you didn't get hurt.

Astrantia said...

Ugh! Sorry to hear that Jac :-( That's why I use an old model cellphone, less people want to sell it ;-P But yours wasn't exactly a new model either... bah! Horrid man >:-(

Raipo said...

Grrrr! Sabi ko na hindi ikaw 'yun nung minura ako! GAGO talaga siya! Baliko pa ang English! PAnget siya! PHANGEEEET!

Anonymous said...

hi jac,

so sorry to hear 'bout the loss of your cell. Marami talagang mga punyeta na tao na walang magawang matino sa mundo eh. So pray for divine justice na lang to come down upon that bastard who stole your cell hehe :)

Tapos in the meantime ingatz na lang po in using your cell sa mga public places

- jason (darkknight723 of www.livejournal.com/users/darkknight723)

solo flite said...

bwiset yan ah... Pero im pretty sure, na-excite mga tinext ng gagong nagnakaw na yon hahaha