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Friday, September 24, 2004

My Future Digicam?

I've decided to buy myself a digicam before the year's over, and so far I'm setting my sights on this:

KODAK EASYSHARE DX7440 Zoom Digital Camera


Ed said...

Jac, Nice cam...but isn't it too bulky? Get Casio, magmumura na yun in the future. Besides...Digicam with AA batteries eats a lot of energy. It will quickly drain your batteries in an hour or so, kahit naka-off yun. Rechargeable batteries are ok for that cam...but from what I know, mas mabilis maubos ang energies ng rechargeables kaysa sa ordinary batteries.

That is actually nice digicam, it can record MPEG4. Neat. ;)



fongi said...

kodak is not exactly a pro-level camera... if you're really into digital photography, maybe you should invest in something less point-and-click and more... well, complicated =p i am biased towards canon, but fuji and olympus are also good digicam manufacturers. casio is also for the amateur shutterbug, but admittedly the exilim sizes are more convenient. if you're really serious about your purchase, you can compare models on cnet. unfortunately, they're remodelling the website so the layout is kinda buggy. but worth a shot. try dp review as well.