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Sunday, September 28, 2003

darna strip colored! when I color 3 or 4 more new strips I'm linking them to the strip site ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2003

drifter page colored!
Maggie McClelland wrote:

just thought i'd let you know i love your art and sense of humor. oh and we have the exact same birthday may 12,1979 coolness. anyways like your art. very unique


go see my manga and fantasy artwork at www.doodlefaerie.com

wow. I wonder how she came across my sites?

Thursday, September 25, 2003

How to Get a POSTAL ID
(At least when you're in San Pablo)

(The day before:) Get yer barangay clearance (P20) and sedula(P30?). Have them photocopied. Get at least 3 pieces of 2" x 2" ID pics.

Get yer cute li'l ass to City Post Office by 8:30am. Get an application form, fill it out, stick a pic on the indicated box and stalk yer postman.

ME: (barges at the back of the Post Office) "Which one of you delivers to my area?"
POSTMAN: "...That would be me."

Get him to sign your application form. He told me to have it notarized by a lawyer. I eventually found a notarial service office at the building/house right beside that Big Mac stall in the corner. They charged me P100.

Have the picture-paseted, postman-signatured, lawyer-notarized paper photocopied.

Go back to Post Office. Hand over the oh-so-important paper, its photocopy, the photocopy of your barangay clearance, the photocopy of your sedula, your other 2 pics, and yer money (P150 for the oh-so-important form, P20 for the "documen-chuchu" stamp, P24 for ID lamination).

Wait a while. magpa-kyut. magpahinga dahil sa haba ng nilakad. And maya-maya lang you'll get a brand-spanking new, hot-off-the-laminating-machine POSTAL ID! Wheeeeee!

Saturday, September 20, 2003


Release on September 28! See ya at the Sampaloc Lake Park in San Pablo City!

Sorry the release of my indie was delayed! it's supposed to be out last August 31 but my printer ran out of ink! Then when I had it refilled I canvassed for good photocopying deals. The best deal I got is with this shop that's closed on Sundays. Thankfully I'm free tomorrow saturday to deal with this :)

the cover for my indie comic strip publication! 50 copies ready for sale! wheeeee! Should I make more? here are the comments of my friends on the cover:

mccoy: wow nice. parang fhm! :] let me know when it's out. :]
Ariel: Ahehehe... strip tease! :))
Ryan: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D
Gerry: Looks nice Jac! Appropriately naughty, depending on who ever is looking. he.he. :)
Kris: Hahaha! A REAL attention-getter! Keep it up!
Romeo: Jac, hmmm... interesting cover. I wonder if you would want me to color it for you. for free.hehehehe
Camy: it's really cool jac...me like, me like!
joanah: Reminds mo of a movie poster...yung isang movie ni Osang...

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I've been looking to buy something like this eversince. Will probably check out Divisoria and Tutuban. That is, if I'll ever have the time and chance to actually get there ;p
Hello! Jac here ;D

My thanks to Azrael, Edgar and most especially Tintin for improving my blog. Grabe, girl na girl! Heheheheh! Piiiiiink!

I didn’t update my blog until I moved the tagboard to someplace more permanent. So there :D

The Campus Tour was a lot of fun. I missed UST so much. And it’s really great to see my friends again. It was pretty amusing when Wilson called out my name across Lacson (formerly known as Forbes Street) because we all thought I couldn’t make it. Ryan was at his usual best teaching the pretty students of UST in a workshop with Wilson. Tintin printed out call cards for us three including her bro John. They look cool! She even modified a pic to make it look like my “jack”(as in “jack&stone”) logo. Syeri sat on my lap when I sat on her chair beside Joanah. The three of us had fun hanging out.

We all had free lunch provided by the UST Commerce event’s organizers. Yummy! We watched Lilo&Stitch as we ate. I felt kinda sad when lunch was over and the movie was not because I never really got to watch that movie. Ever. Derrick went there too and talked mecha with John. He later drove me to the bus terminal when I had to go home to Laguna after lunch. Much appreciated because the bag I was carrying weighed a ton. Hope you guys are doing better now J

I’ve been staying in Manila since September 1 for a sort of project. Tintin is so nice to let me stay at her place! I’m so happy! And her family’s so cool! I’m supposed tp spend twelve days there, meaning two weeks Mondays to Saturdays. But since my dad came home from China also on September 1 and will stay only 2 weeks, I asked to spend the 12 days into 3 Monday-to-Thursday weeks, so I could at least spend Fridays and Saturdays home in Laguna with dad.

Tintin actually let me stay for 2 weeks, bless her! But as I don’t want to abuse her kindness I am looking for another place to stay for my third (and last) week. The best I could find is the old dorm I stayed in Washinton, Makati. They charge P100/day for transients, and if you don’t have an electric fan you don’t have a prayer. It explains why we sometimes walk around half-naked in the dorm. It’s sweltering in there :p

I’m still looking for another place, preferably near LRT Taft. The only other friend who offered a place for me to crash is Azrael. It’s really nice of him, too bad he ain’t a girl ;D

As for the indie, I’ve already printed them out. I just need a clear photocopier, I think they call it powder copies. The best deal I could find is with La Suerte in San Pablo, P1.75 back to back. But they’re closed on Sundays. If they were open I would have been happily photocopying away as I speak. I only hope I could find better deals in Manila. I’m bringing the original printouts there just in case. Joanah mentioned a place in Diliman where it’s P0.60, I wonder though if that’s the back-to-back rate, and if it’s the clear powder copy. Anyway it sounds pretty far.

And one of my clients is asking for a banner quote. I mean they're looking for someone to make them a banner of an ad I made for them. I guess the proportions are like that of an A3. And send it to Hong Kong. If you're interested to take this on email me at jactinglim@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hau Jac!!!

There I fixed your Blog!
I hope you like the new look!!!
If you need anything else, alam mo na!!!! ^_^