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Saturday, September 20, 2003


Release on September 28! See ya at the Sampaloc Lake Park in San Pablo City!

Sorry the release of my indie was delayed! it's supposed to be out last August 31 but my printer ran out of ink! Then when I had it refilled I canvassed for good photocopying deals. The best deal I got is with this shop that's closed on Sundays. Thankfully I'm free tomorrow saturday to deal with this :)

the cover for my indie comic strip publication! 50 copies ready for sale! wheeeee! Should I make more? here are the comments of my friends on the cover:

mccoy: wow nice. parang fhm! :] let me know when it's out. :]
Ariel: Ahehehe... strip tease! :))
Ryan: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D
Gerry: Looks nice Jac! Appropriately naughty, depending on who ever is looking. he.he. :)
Kris: Hahaha! A REAL attention-getter! Keep it up!
Romeo: Jac, hmmm... interesting cover. I wonder if you would want me to color it for you. for free.hehehehe
Camy: it's really cool jac...me like, me like!
joanah: Reminds mo of a movie poster...yung isang movie ni Osang...

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