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Monday, June 30, 2003

Okay, i made a new layout for my indie. it' gonna be 16-pages. it's packed full of comic strips. I'm gonna walk around San Pablo to canvass for materials. Gerry and the other komikeros are very helpful :)

I found a buyer for my Nokia 3310 so I have a new cellphone! Wheeee! It's a Nokia 3315! And when I bought the new unit in Zaide (that big store near Expressions in SP Mall) they let me sit down in their PC so I could draw my own logo. They liked it so much they all wanted it for their logos too! Cool! i made that logo because it's the title of a comics I made in Beho's zine Thought Market. I told you about it before ;)

Sunday, June 29, 2003

i talked to one of my people to find people who would keep the orange kitten. I think they found someone to keep it. it's gone now.

I plan to draw cover art for my first indie. still not sure how many pages a P20 indie should be. i'm gonna stuff it with about 20 strips. And maybe a few extras if there are blank pages left. the layout's kinda hokey because i'm pasting 2 strips vertically on every page. so people would have to tilt the book to read them. But I want to publish the strips as big as possible. I don't wanna reduce them to anything smaller because some people would have a hard time reading the small text.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

I'm gonna watch Ranma 1/2 at 4pm everyday so I don't have to miss its daily second episode at 7:30pm when gundamwing starts!

I found the orange kitten. it's still alive after all, and it's now wide-eyed and curious =O.O= mew!

I'm doing the second draft of my first strip publication. I'm going for less pages so I can lower the price to P20 to sell this december! wheeeee!

Friday, June 27, 2003


starting july! weekdays every 7:30pm! I can finally have the chance to see the series IN WHOLE!

TROWAAAAAAAAA! Ai shiteru!!!

oh, and ariel showed me my fanart in culture crash 11(thanks!!)! wheee!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

here's another strip I made for my sister's Smart Parenting mailing list :)
Toy Con was awesome!!!!

I was asked a month ago by dady Az if I would like a gig there. All I could think of offering is drawing. So he announced me as caricature artist along with the other guys in the booth (I didn't see the henna girl tho).

As I left at 9am for Megamall I was apprehensive because I was afraid I'd just be wasting my money on the bus fares only to end up sitting on my buttn all day. But I consoled myself with the thought of spending my idle time buying all the comics and other stuff I'd like, limited as my budget was.

As soon as I met with Az (yes, I got lost. Again.) I voiced my fears of not being up for the job. Being the good friend that he is, he told me to stop being ridiculous (joke!).

I went in the toycon and made one solid go-around in the tiny room (jeepers! I thought it's gonna be held at megatrade hall???). I was ready to buy culture crash 11, especially when az told me that macopa fanart I sent ages ago is finally getting published. But the guys there don't have change for a hundred. I planned to come back for it as soon as I'm idle :)

I got back to the booth to rest and recollect my senses after I got tired from my 2 hour bus jouney. But soon enough I was surprised to find this chinese guy asking me draw his daughter. oh, I get it. I babysit while he shops for toys :) but the girl refuses to be left by her dad. I talked to her in all the chinese i know. It seemed to calm her little. and the father was amused enough to ask me if I'm chinese. finally i decided to make a quick pencil capture of the girl's features so she can go around the con with her dad, and they can come back for it when I'm done with inks and cleanups.

They were happy with the results. And I was surprised. I made a few mistakes, but i fixed them. and others who gathered to watch me draw started asking. I got a scrap paper and wrote "Comix Caricatures, P100 Whole, P50 Half size". This woman was excited as she took her turn and looked through my portfolio. When she saw a winged comix character there she asked if I could draw her wings. I smiled and asked if she'd like a costume with that. She thought for a while and decided to draw her with wings, and wearing a bikini(!). I had no problems with that because she's quite a babe, and it won't be much of a stretch at all :)

As I drew her more people gathered when they realized I could draw them any way they want. The girl was very pleased with the "bikini-clad angel" she gave me a picture of her with three of her girlfriends and asked me draw more. after that She made me draw her and her guy friend who was with her. I drew them in matrix-style costumes.

I was pretty glad realizing I just earned P300 when other people took pictures out of their wallets and lined them up for me for their turns. The girl who bought 3 drawings gave me french fries compliments of her guy friend because they know I still haven't had lunch. Dady Az gave me a much-appreciated iced tea, while I swiped a brownie from my katabi gerry(joke!) while carlo authographed my copy of zsa zsa zaturnnah. I'm suddenly glad I had that chickenjoy meal for breakfast that morning. I plan to get lunch as soon as I get a lull. meaning if i finished the last drawing without the next customer.

Next thing I know it was 7pm. I finally let my friends talk me into getting lunch when my next customer said he could wait until the toy con closes, since he's one of the organizers. I got back to do the drawing just in time for the toy con to end. other people expressed their disappointment when I told them I can't draw anymore as the toy con has ended.

Lots of people asked for my business crads until I ran out of them. There's even one from Coca-Cola daw who took my email because she wants to contact me. Other people took my mail/business cards since they plan to just send their pics online for me to draw them after the toy con. Az said I'm gonna do this again in the next c3con in megatrade hall :)

Friday, June 20, 2003

Guys, sorry about the rants. Some people just don't get it. I'll try to stop ranting and hopefully start posting works again :)

As soon as I download that FTP program from Gerry (my thanks, as always! :) and installed I'll be back in business!

if there is anything you want to ask me or works you want to see me post here lemme know :) wheee!

Thanks to all my friends for being there for me when i got hurt :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

IS it me? or do more people send me forwards and graphics in my email and cellphone?

rant 2:

Guys, I appreciate the effort, but I'm afraid you're just wasting your load. I NEVER reply to forwards. I barely even read them. I just open the message then see it's a forward graphics/quotations/joke and I immediately delete it. You'd have a better chance of me replying to you (and sometimes even saving your message in my inbox) if you would text me in your own words :)

There are guys who um, what's the right word? well, i feel like they're pursuing me. when i'm clearly not interested. i'm just not. sorry. But they just don't get the hint. however much i ignore them and stuff. i really hate doing this because they are friends to me, but if they want more than my friendship, or they make me feel like they do, it seems i have to :( ....I already love someone.

Okay actually, not someone. somefour.

yes, the F4! heheheheheh! so, sorry guys! you don't stand a chance! ...unless you look like them! hahahahahahah!

...at this rate, I'd probably die an old maid ;D wheeeeee!

Monday, June 16, 2003

Hm, weird. I installed Tomb Raider 3 and ran it. I got to watch its movie prologue. When I tried playing the game after it just blacks out and hangs. Ouch.

Going to Manila Wednesday. Hope I can meet with Blossom Ting :) wheee!

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Oh by the way, Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there! I already made a chibi-caricature of my dad and emailed it to him :) Wheeeee!

Kitty update. The kitten's gone. i dunno where it is. Hope it's ok. trying to play Tomb raider 3, couldn't figure it out yet... played the Final fantasy 7 demo though. Fun! ^_^

Watched Matrix Reloaded (finally) but I'm still trying to figure it out. Plan to make a strip about it though hehehe!

I hope I can catch MTV Movie awards! Gollum's acceptance speech is so cool!!!
Success!!! My PC is finally fixed! My thanks to friends who helped, including Beho who lent me his PC cd's!
I made a new comic strip for my sister's parenting mailing list.

By the way, as I am typing there is a tiny orange kitten sleeping beside the phone. I have no idea why Bilog (its mother, my cat) left it there, and why she brought it there in the first place. I'm worried that she's ignoring her kits, as the other already died. I don't know what to do. I wanted to call Gerry about this, but he may still be a bit sad over Smeagol.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

My PC is still driving me nuts. I barely slept last night because I kept getting nightmares about it. Oh well, at least I already submitted ning's fourth strip. So what do I work on next? Hot copy?

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Sunday was great! We had our Komikero meeting that’s supposed to be monthly(but we were too busy to meet last May). They had this trekkie night going on, but I’m only interested to watch whenever that babe T’pol appears on-screen. Kuya Gerry made this incredibly yummy pesto. I HAD to get second helpings! Oh, and we drew comix again :)

WARNING! Rant ahead:

I’m getting sick and tired of “friends” who are actually after something more than friendship. Something more than I can give. It’s like they have this hidden agenda that, however obvious it is or ill-hidden, I cannot point out. Not unless I’m a terrible bitch. Which, as much as some people strongly claim and believe so, I am (unfortunately!)not.

What’s more, it is saddening for me to realize that the people I thought were my friends actually see me as nothing more than a trophy. A challenge. A prize. A game for their stupid egos. Does it make your life more interesting? Hey, you can’t lose! I give in, you get your trophy. I don’t, you get your own version of Wasted. Cool!

Okie, that over and done with, let’s move on to chain letters! I suppose you’ve already read about this in Gerry Alanguilan’s blog, but I personally hate chain letters that threaten you if you don’t forward their stupid email. I’m not saying the people who forwarded me those emails are stupid. I’m saying the email is.

And I also get offended by emails with gory picture attachments. The first time I actually replied to a Forward(I usually just delete Forwards without reading them, emails and texts alike) was when someone sent me those pictures about a kid getting swallowed by this big boa constrictor. Next time, just send me anime hentai pictures instead!

Just kidding ;)

But if I get fed up with this(it’s MY turn to threaten!), I’m gonna send out to everyone pictures of the LOTR charas getting it on! If only to vent my annoyance about my Legolas being called gay. Of course, I’d be snapped back to my senses if someone retaliates by sending me doctored pics of the F4 portrayed as gay people.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

I went with my sis Beya and her son Mikko to meet with some moms she met online through a parents' mailing list. They were only three of them residing in San Pablo, but I guess we're all still excited to meet each other. They included me since I posted a comic strip in the mailing list featuring one of the wacky/cool parents :)

After that I watched over Mikko as I took him to his first romp inside the playland. one of the moms we met with told her 3-yr old son to watch over mikko inside the playland. It was amusing how he watched over him! He even talked with the other kids to play carefully so that mikko doesn't get hurt. My thanks to Cyd and JC! Mikko had a great time, with all the other kids playing and watching him.

Okie, saturday night again. meaning Booze Bonding Night! well, it's not literally booze, but we drink soda or whatever and eat junkfood and other pulutan as we talk about what went on with all of us the past week. Bond. Dad suggested it, he said it might do us good :)

Friday, June 06, 2003

I got to meet with Lyn today! whee! She introduced me to her two younger sisters, a cousin and a friend of her sister's, then we all went off to play billiards. We let the guys play against each other, because we have zero chance against them. The three girls never played billiards before and it's been ages since I last held a cue stick.

After the guys' game, Lyn and I teamed up against her two sisters in a game of solid/stripes. Whenever we get the chance to place the white ball anywhere we want I teach Lyn on how to sink our ball without getting the white ball to sink with it. It's probably the only thing I actually learned since Derrick tried to teach me the tricks of the game. But as soon as she got it she started teaching her sisters the trick, and we started enjoying the game. But we were already having before that because we're all so hyper and wouldn't stop distracting each other with our kakulitans! hehehe!

"You won't sink it! You won't sink it!"
"Hah! The Force is strong with me!"

After that we went to their house to watch Meteor Garden! Heheheheh! While we watched we chatted over Coke and texted our respective boytoys hehehehehe joke! We wish! ;D And later her mom served us baked mac for merienda. With lots of Coke. Mmmm GMO! Heheheheh ;D

When my sis texted me to go home around 8pm I asked her mom if I could take some of the baked mac because my mom wants a sample tpo consider making them part of our catering service. When she agreed I suggested she draw up a price list so we can see if we can work something out :) In the house I met two more of Lyn's friends, her high school friend Aries EsmeƱa (Arch. Arlan's younger bro. Small world huh, Gerry?) and April, her neighbor. It's amusing how Lyn, Aris and I all have the same degree of wackiness and wear astigmatism glasses. I'm already suggesting calling ourselves Grupong Astig or just plain ol' Stigma. Hehehehe!

Aris used the car to give me a ride home where Lyn and April walked me to the gate. As usual they get shocked at how big it is and how I can open it by myself. I joked that it's part of my kung fu training. hehehe! When I went home Ma enjoyed the baked mac :) I asked if I could borrow the electric drill for Lyn. She said she has to ask dad. Anyway, I'm glad I got in touch with her. I missed her. I rarely find girls I get along with. And i'm kinda excited when she offered to take me along whn she has gimiks again. It's been so long since I went on a night out. I'm still against smoking though, but I try not to force others to stop either. There isn't much I can do anyway. I just hope they already know the risks.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Because there isn't enough 'hanging space', we decided to do laundry twice a week. We started up the washing machine and separated the laundry: Dirty, Very Dirty, and Downright Skanky!!! Heheheheh joke ;D

Wheeee! I sold two copies of Animatrix so far! One to Jonas and another to Beho. I'm currently following up a third sale with Pong, but I couldn't get a hold of him lately. Anyway, on my way to the tindahan I bumped into (no, not literally!) one of our tindahan regulars, and he greeted me, asking me where I'm going. Duh! Where else would I be going? hehehe, but who cares?! He's a bishie! Wheee! An honest-to-goodness, tall-dark-and-handsome bishounen!!! Heheheh, he even got the long hair just right! Typical Meteor Garden(yeah, so shoot me!) heeheeheehee! He's one of these guys who hangs out at Oblena's, which is just near the corner of our block :)

Lyn, my friend since elementary, was supposed to meet me today at the tindahan. So I thought They could get to see each other again. Unfortunately she couldn't make it today because her house received guests. I got her to talk with beho on the phone and then we decided to meet up tomorrow :) beho told me about his triathlon trip to zambales.hm, still not sure if he'll attend the komikero meeting this sunday. I just told him to let any one of them (him or his brothers) drop by.

So, it's an ok day, al in all :) wheeee!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

My friend is selling Animatrix VCD's. If you want a copy you get 9 episodes of animated matrix stories in 2 cd's for PhP200. I made a sorta layout of the cover and sticker labels :)
I'm going to manila tuesday. I'm hanging out at quad 1/glorietta. If you guys wanna meet up, buy animatrix vcd's, whatever, text me NOW :)

Monday, June 02, 2003

yep, that's how my desktop looks these days. And don't make me go about when I try to use it. It took me an hour since I turned the pc on just to get online! I think it only worked by my sheer mental will. This keeps up, either I go crazy or develop mutant powers that enables me to make machines work when i mentally beg for it. That's how I use my cellphone too. It's battery and keypad are going nuts.

Sigh, technology.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I got the payment for the 5-page comic! wheeee!

To think that Ed Lim only heard of me because Edgar Tadeo has a link from his website to mine.

Thanks, Edgar! wheeeee!