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Friday, June 06, 2003

I got to meet with Lyn today! whee! She introduced me to her two younger sisters, a cousin and a friend of her sister's, then we all went off to play billiards. We let the guys play against each other, because we have zero chance against them. The three girls never played billiards before and it's been ages since I last held a cue stick.

After the guys' game, Lyn and I teamed up against her two sisters in a game of solid/stripes. Whenever we get the chance to place the white ball anywhere we want I teach Lyn on how to sink our ball without getting the white ball to sink with it. It's probably the only thing I actually learned since Derrick tried to teach me the tricks of the game. But as soon as she got it she started teaching her sisters the trick, and we started enjoying the game. But we were already having before that because we're all so hyper and wouldn't stop distracting each other with our kakulitans! hehehe!

"You won't sink it! You won't sink it!"
"Hah! The Force is strong with me!"

After that we went to their house to watch Meteor Garden! Heheheheh! While we watched we chatted over Coke and texted our respective boytoys hehehehehe joke! We wish! ;D And later her mom served us baked mac for merienda. With lots of Coke. Mmmm GMO! Heheheheh ;D

When my sis texted me to go home around 8pm I asked her mom if I could take some of the baked mac because my mom wants a sample tpo consider making them part of our catering service. When she agreed I suggested she draw up a price list so we can see if we can work something out :) In the house I met two more of Lyn's friends, her high school friend Aries EsmeƱa (Arch. Arlan's younger bro. Small world huh, Gerry?) and April, her neighbor. It's amusing how Lyn, Aris and I all have the same degree of wackiness and wear astigmatism glasses. I'm already suggesting calling ourselves Grupong Astig or just plain ol' Stigma. Hehehehe!

Aris used the car to give me a ride home where Lyn and April walked me to the gate. As usual they get shocked at how big it is and how I can open it by myself. I joked that it's part of my kung fu training. hehehe! When I went home Ma enjoyed the baked mac :) I asked if I could borrow the electric drill for Lyn. She said she has to ask dad. Anyway, I'm glad I got in touch with her. I missed her. I rarely find girls I get along with. And i'm kinda excited when she offered to take me along whn she has gimiks again. It's been so long since I went on a night out. I'm still against smoking though, but I try not to force others to stop either. There isn't much I can do anyway. I just hope they already know the risks.

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