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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

IS it me? or do more people send me forwards and graphics in my email and cellphone?

rant 2:

Guys, I appreciate the effort, but I'm afraid you're just wasting your load. I NEVER reply to forwards. I barely even read them. I just open the message then see it's a forward graphics/quotations/joke and I immediately delete it. You'd have a better chance of me replying to you (and sometimes even saving your message in my inbox) if you would text me in your own words :)

There are guys who um, what's the right word? well, i feel like they're pursuing me. when i'm clearly not interested. i'm just not. sorry. But they just don't get the hint. however much i ignore them and stuff. i really hate doing this because they are friends to me, but if they want more than my friendship, or they make me feel like they do, it seems i have to :( ....I already love someone.

Okay actually, not someone. somefour.

yes, the F4! heheheheheh! so, sorry guys! you don't stand a chance! ...unless you look like them! hahahahahahah!

...at this rate, I'd probably die an old maid ;D wheeeeee!

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