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Saturday, June 07, 2003

I went with my sis Beya and her son Mikko to meet with some moms she met online through a parents' mailing list. They were only three of them residing in San Pablo, but I guess we're all still excited to meet each other. They included me since I posted a comic strip in the mailing list featuring one of the wacky/cool parents :)

After that I watched over Mikko as I took him to his first romp inside the playland. one of the moms we met with told her 3-yr old son to watch over mikko inside the playland. It was amusing how he watched over him! He even talked with the other kids to play carefully so that mikko doesn't get hurt. My thanks to Cyd and JC! Mikko had a great time, with all the other kids playing and watching him.

Okie, saturday night again. meaning Booze Bonding Night! well, it's not literally booze, but we drink soda or whatever and eat junkfood and other pulutan as we talk about what went on with all of us the past week. Bond. Dad suggested it, he said it might do us good :)

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