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Saturday, May 31, 2003

ok ah. you're inking has improved a lot! ito na
style ng art mo? parang serious ah. it doesn't
fit the
funny strip i think.

p.s. got bored today so i colored your page 1 =P

Friday, May 30, 2003

Hey girl! cool drawings. finally na-download ko na nang mabilis. bagal sa bahay eh :( cool drawings! bitin naman yung story. aliens eh? nice! you shoud charge more! who's ed lim? your dad? keep up the good work girl! when will it be published? available ba dito sa pinas? i want mine to be signed by of course the artist! love ya girl!

blossom ting

ngayon ko lang na- check out kung comics mo.
your drawings are really good. ang galing galing mo
naman. who is ed lim, is he related to you?
well... i'm glad that you're doing this ... hindi ka
na masyadong ma- bore dyan sa bahay. and of
course, good exposure yan sa yo... i honestly don't
have a clue how much you should charge. la kasi
talaga ako idea sa rate ng mga artists sa
ganyan... anyway, i think $100 is pretty small... siguro
sa next project mo, mas taasan mo na yun charge..



Thursday, May 29, 2003

More comments! wheeee!

Wow, I'm really impressed by your comics pages.
Ang galing. Ok figure work
and clothing...you need work lang ng konti sa
layout nung UFO...medyo weird
ang composition ng page na yun. I can't
articulate here. Siguro pag nagkita
na lang tayo...


Wednesday, May 28, 2003

i'm online again to upload the unlettered pages for ed lim. if you guys wanna check it out here they are:

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

i showed my art(the ones i did for ed lim) to my friends to ask what they think. here's what they have to say :)
galing ah..blow out

(Dennis Cimatu)
Ey Jac,

72-page series eh? Galing naman pag natuloy yun you'll go far sa field ng comics! Anyway marami ka namang advisers so galingan mo pa talaga. Ok yung pacing nung story, nagulat din ako dun sa cover spread mo (honestly, yun yung tiningnan ko ng matagal talaga). Yung runes dun sa ship na yun yung nakatawag pansin na "Aaahhh... Arnold Arre inspired." Hehehe...

For a first timer it (US$ 100) sounds fair
considering the deadline's not that tight either. I
started with US$ 25 per page myself way back when.

Great job, Kuting! However, and I know I'm going to sound overly critical about this (it's the writer in me I guess) I do have a few comments, bear with me:

-Backgrounds. San Diego's desert flats have numerous cacti, stray grass and tumbleweeds strewn about. That would help convey where they are. In addition, the spread showed Bobby and John's garbage, but they're too far from one another, and should have had a couple of backpacks just to convey they went prepared.

-Consistency. Page 2 panel 1 . John lowers hand with binoculars while Bobby throws away beer can. Panel 2 sees John with beer can while Bobby holds the binoculars (and the way he's holding it appears as if he held it for awhile) . Inconsistent. Better if both had Binoculars hanging by their neck.

-Props. John should have been holding the bat by page 3 panel 2, to suggest emergency or just about to raise it in the spread. As for the bat itself, a little tinkering just so we know it's a wooden/aluminum bat. See, if it's a wooden bat, no sheen; if it's a metal bat, the handle wouldn't have that strap .

-Design- Of the Alien stuff: gun...a little too familiar, not alien enough (looks similar to Cable's sidearm). Ship should have been above them...(it looks as if it's just next to Bobby...making it appear small), lighting them up(cliche, but it presents immediacy) to emphasize the boys are going nowhere but with those alien sodomists. I noticed you used Elvish runes on the ship; good idea, but you should take care not to overuse them or give it your own spin (so you won't be accused of ripping off anybody...you know how it is with these fanboys). Maybe added some swirls effects on the symbols or further divided them into parts would make them more exotic looking (and why does it spell your name?) As for the Aliens themselves, Pointy ears are passe (Vulcans, Elves) unless you put a little spin on them. Extending them a little furter up would make them look more sinister

-Emotion. Slightly lacking, particularly in page 3 and the spread. John and Bobby's demeanor and posture should be more nervous and confused by page 4-5.

-Overall - I know, I sound as if I'm nit-picking. And what do I know, I'm not an artist. I'm a writer. But I really found it very good. Much better than my "artwork". As I've always told you, you have the talent and the passion to make it big in this crazy business...this is proof of that faith in you.

P5,000 is just right for all the work you put in this, Kuting. I told you it's acceptable for such quality.

See you soon, Kuting!

i showed my art(the ones i did for ed lim) to my friends to ask what they think. here's what they have to say :)

Paganda ng paganda artwork mo ah! Ganda, nung mga details dun sa folds ng damit nila. Reminds me a bit of Arnold Arre's work, grabe. Php 5,000 for the whole thing? Four pages? Di ba mababa yun? I dunno how much you should charge, usually kasi sa alam ko depende sa budget nung nagpapagawa.

How about the next pages? Nabitin ako dun e.

I uploaded the 5 pages, and (finally) sent the print ad successfully, thanks to kuya gerry! whee! ning called from hong kong just now to let me fix another file(the third strip scheduled for june). good thing I already know how to fix it. wheeee!

Monday, May 26, 2003

Wheeee! I finished all five pages! I even had time to letter them myself! I did pages 4 and five (the two page spread) with the fershlugginer spaceship and aliens(with alien gun) all in one day. I'm pretty glad I figured out the darn spaceship after a bit of research. I decided to make the alien a bit alter-cultural. I even sneaked my name into the spaceship, but it's in the "alien language" hehehehe! Only sci-fi fanatics would be able to read it. Let alone find it!

I'm still amazed I managed to pull it off. Maybe that rumor (about wearing no undies=better performance) is true. heheheheheheh!

Friday, May 23, 2003

I finished third page!!! Whee!

Now, the last 2 pages: a two page spread! Aaaaaaargh! PANICPANICPANIC!

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I finished second page! whee! if only i can make all comics this way! heeheehee! ;)

you see, I do them in actual size. And I draw the backgrounds first, then the objects separately. Then I scan the whole lot and cut and paste away. the I finish with gradients, airbrush and other digital renderings for shades and shadows. That way I finish a whole comic page a day. whee! Then I use whatever repeating backgrounds on succeeding pages.

And most of all, I am excited about his reaction to my work. He's really enthusiastic about it :)
Hey guys! If you want your own copy of Animatrix lemme know! PhP200 only! ;) I'm designing their covers and labels! wheeee!
I'm been sending the same file to her again and again but she kept saying she can't open the print ad file. mind-boggling. And she's asking to lower the price to half of what I'm asking. sigh, oh well... I do want to help her... so fine.

whee! I finished first page of five for the komikasa guy :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

my thanks to Ting Caisido and Dady Az for letting me know about Kazaa. I'm trying to figure the whole thing out right now. Anyway, i got pics from my birthday (er, Sunday and Monday anyway) and my mom and sis' trip to lucban.

Monday, May 19, 2003

i've been trying to download the mp3 of Portishead's "Glory Box" but I can't find one anywhere! If anybody knows where I can download the whole song email me :) I just love that song. I dunno, it sounds so damn seductive.
I misplaced my cel today. When I finally found it I also found tons of missed calls from Geoff. I wondered why he wouldn't just text. When I went to the tindahan they said that he went there with pies. eh? When I went home there's a pie in the fridge. Anyway, my cel's battery is at it again and conked out so I was recharging it when Geoff called again to tell me that he's got a cd for me. Soon enough he came by and I had to crawl my way out of my jobs with deadly deadlines. I thanked him for the pie and cd, and apologised that I'm too busy.

I worked til 3am last night to work on the jobs that are due today. One of them's approved and gonna be paid for (whee! 3 and counting!) while the other one has revisions that I'm not sure whether they've me told me about it yet or I've already fixed it. And they're negotiating over the price. I gave them an offer that I hope would be ok for both of us. She said she's solely paying for it and not the company. Knowing that i've been there myself I went as low as I can regarding the fee.
I woke up to check my email and found that I suddenly have deadlines without my knowing it until i have only one day left! So I panicked and made a few calls for help. Thankfully it came. As usual i am very grateful :)

I finished revising the third HK strip when dady az came. wheee! And he brought me Animatrix! We watched all nine episodes of it! Totally mind blowing! Ang galeng! Astig! Az, your post-birthday gift kicks ass! If i could find the clothes I'd dress up as that girl in red leather in Flight of the Osiris. Well, ok, I already have the outfit she wore on the opening sequence (red robe, red blindfold and red... uh, stuff) but I don't like the idea of walking around a convention barefoot. hehehehehhee!

I hope I remember to bring it to the next komikero meeting, and I hope it won't skip.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

I already started working on this one project without a price quote. It's a colored ad that's gonna be printed on the local (philippine) newspaper and the size is 12 .5 CM by L - 9.5 CM. I still don't know how much is the fair charge for this. If you can help me how much I should charge please text me :) The deadline's tomorrow that's why I already started working.
I already cut the vellum for komikasa down into the required size. They are indeed smaller than the 11x17 so hopefully they won't reduce this so I won't make the same mistake of drawing too small. I'm also receiving more details about CCSL so I hope I can make an accurate price quote on this. I wanted to text my friend who might know price quotes but it's hard because I don't have load.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

I’m quite happy with the way the tindahan is going, or maybe this Friday is really good for us. We were having a bit more customers than usual, and my employees (reduced to only two since we laid of the highest-paying one… er, yes, the one who told me it’s my fault that the tindahan’s having difficulties because I should involve myself more in it). Anyway, I’m really happy because the two employees who used to have pretty minor roles when we still have that primary employee is now slowly learning to depend on themselves more instead on the primary employee and us. They usually ask us for decisions on the usual stuff. But as I’m helping them realize that we’ve been making most of the decisions the same way (like how often we should restock and stuff), they grew confident enough to make the decisions by themselves. I was quite surprised at how scared they are to make decisions, until I found out that they used to get scolded all the time by the past employee.

Having less employees have lightened our expenditures a bit and we learned to rely more on ourselves. Mom minds the store as often as she can, but whenever she’s needed somewhere else we learned that we could manage on our sometimes, despite it on a limited capacity(I still yet to be a kick-ass cook like mom). I also find myself amused when some patrons would eat at our place and try to flirt with us. I just tell them that they only think I look nice because they haven’t seen Wanwan yet. Or mom. I mean, come on!

Oh well, let’s see… still working on Harley. I stopped worrying about being slow and just concentrated on turning out work that I can be satisfied with. Big diff, it means I can be more relaxed with this. Just realized to my horror that I drew my elements to small! Waaaaa! I have to Xerox-enlarge them and redraw the whole thing! Sheesh, thank goodness for technology. I better layout them in actual size first, then enlarge it for redraw. Don’t mind redrawing it, I’m losing my cartoon style and it came out too realistic. Clear sign that I’m taking this thing way too seriously when I should be enjoying this. Very grateful for Jonas’ input. For an inker he sure is helpful!

Blitzworx said they’ll hire me for pencils and inks when the script is finished. Ed Lim of Komikasa also hired me to pencil and ink a 5-page sample. If he finds it ok, he’ll let me tackle a 72-page comic. Whoa… can I do this?

CCSL also decided to let me work on a poster as well besides making two strips a month. Still figuring out price quote for that one.

Also working on Hot Copy 2 even if the deadline’s still a bit far mostly because it’s fun. Like when I get stressed or pressured with my more ‘serious jobs’. Heheh! I’m actually glad I’m getting multiple jobs. I have this habit of jumping from one job to another whenever I get anxiety attacks on some of them hehehe! That way I work on all of them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

whee! they just sent my second remittance today! hopefully i'll be able to buy load heheheheh!
I have my own ATM card! whee! I got it just today :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

my fam made this for me. cute 'no? :)

Monday, May 12, 2003

Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 19:51:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Jeng Lim" | This is spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday to you!
To: "jaclyn lim"

dear tingting,

tomorrow is your birthday, i'm wishing you a happy birthday and wish also that may everything you want to have in life and all your dreams comes true.

i'm happy that you're earning while helping your mama there, widening your contact and learning more experience with your work - make the most of it, always think and look for ways to improve yoursel & your work. remember that there's always a way and there's always a room for improvement - think of it and do it, and you'll achieve anything you want in life.

love, papa

jaclyn lim wrote:
hello papa! I thought I'd write you since i'm online.
Hope you're doing great! That's what i like about you,
you're always so strong and dependable. And we love
you for being our cool dad :)

Anyway, I'm online now because that HK wants to
publish two strips per month, so I'm sending the
second one. I already have the payment for the first
strip. It came just in time to tide me over when I
really need to spend, like buying netcards and load.
It must be fun having free internet like in your

anyway, try clicking this blue thingie:


that's my online diary. I write there so people can
read it and know what's going on with me :) you can
read it anytime. I'll try to write new stuff as often
as I go online.

We love you papa! i have to samahan mikko and beya to
the clinic again. I'm just glad the nebuliser works.

Take care! always remember that we all love you and
pray for you to be happy and reach all our dreams.


yep! may 12 is my birthday! wheee! If you're gonna ask how OLD I am, let's just say I'm born on the year of the Ram.

Thanks for the card! It's really sweet! My gratitude to Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, Rique, Geoffrey Borgonia, and Gerry Alanguilan.

Saturday, May 10, 2003

I'm finishing the second panel of that harley. It's taking frustratingly long, but I've been putting it off because I had to work on the jobs first. I promise to finish at least first page by sunday by asking someone to ink it for me. I think it's ok because he inks without compromising your pencils because he uses tracing paper or something.

Friday, May 09, 2003

CCSL decided to release TWO Usapang K strips every month! Good thing I made strips 2 and 3 in advance! Whee! I'm uploading strip 2 after I hurriedly colored when they called kanina saying the deadline is today (heheh, I hope they let me know earlier tho, i sent the strip previews for approval days ago). Anyway, so far I'm managing with no problems at all. And I'm inspired ;)

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

and here's the strip for may 2003! these strips are made to help the DH in HK understand how to deal with bank and financings and money lendings, since lots of them need help because they get into a lot of trouble when they weren't careful enough.

here are the characters of the comic strips I'm making for that outfit in Hong Kong. I also finished the July issue. also in black and white. i'd like to pick up the pace to avoid the rush so I'm sending this one now too, along with the details of my new bank account so payment won't be as messy as last time :)
i just opened my very own ATM account! whee! I deposited my haribon earnings and I plan to add there my monthly pay from the strips I make for hong kong :) hope I get more drawing gigs! I'm definitely using all the practice I can get. And I'm having so much fun!

I just finished the second strip for hong kong. it's supposed to be published for June 2003. I'm sending them the black and white first in case they want any revisions, then it's ready to color :)

Sunday, May 04, 2003

I already bought ZSA ZSA ZATURNNAH 1 & 2 as a birthday treat to myself :) I enjoyed it so much I made this fan art! heheheh!

Thursday, May 01, 2003

i have a new strip! check it out here!