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Friday, October 31, 2003

November 5 na ang Matrix Revolutions! Woohoo!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

check out syeri.tk for more pics and info!

wheeeeee! I thought I never had pics from that UST event! Artist's Den was invited to participate in UST-Commerce's event called OPUS. I'm supposed to sell my indies then but I ran out of ink to print them.

JAC STRIPS FOR YOU! is now available in CCHQ and Comic Quest Megamall though!

Let me know when you get yourself a copy! Wheeeeeeee!

Noda-chan! I'm gonna watch Vampire Hunter D for halloween! Woohoo!
Wish I have someone to watch it with... ;p

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Googlism for Jac!

*jac is rapidly evolving
*jac is a medical coding tool
*jac is happy to announce that many of our candidates won in their districts
*jac is a cd
*jac is a command line cd player that allows you to listen your cds in any way
*jac is between twenty and thirty manuscript pages
*jac is a small ngo but recognised nationally and internationally as a major player in the field of disaster management in india
*jac is unique
*jac is object
*jac is established to advise both the iso 639­1/ra registration authority and the iso 639­2/ra registration authority
*jac is a two
*jac is a small program to create 3d anaglyph images
*jac is an excellent lady to boot
*jac is your official university identification
*jac is a sweet
*jac is highly expressed in cell lines derived from jun
*jac is planning many social activities for the year and is working hard to cater to your needs
*jac is an nrha open world champion
*jac is stored on the secure jac transaction networks
*jac is to provide a wide variety of different types of anime to expose people to what's out on the market
*jac is aiming for you and me
*jac is composed of member representatives from 11 constituent local authorities and six representatives drawn
*jac is the highest money earner sired by hollywood jac 86 and one of the leading money earning stallions in nrha history
*jac is er voor jongeren tussen 12 en 25 jaar
*jac is the 2nd building on the left
*jac is taking you to south africa to a beautiful part of the east coast where you will find the yellow wood tree from which they make exquisite furniture
*jac is australia and new zealand's largest manufacturer of self
*jac is a nonprofit journal published by the association of teachers of advanced composition
*jac is charged with monitoring the application of the mra
*jac is related with the plasma frequency near the jovian magnetosphere
*jac is trying to promote that idea
*jac is designed as a full
*jac is awesome
*jac is made up of devoted alumni and jaguar fans who are committed to the advancement of jaguar athletics and the university of south alabama
*jac is shown here at wrigley field
*jac is to advise unmik on identifying areas with a need for legal reform
*jac is your gateway to this; friendship and enjoyment a return for your own enthusiasm
*jac is charged with recommending to the la paz air work
*jac is the highest earning and most consistent sire in the ncrha sire & dam program
*jac is composed of the following voting members
*jac is the exciting new program designed to be used with designaknit
*jac is a direct target of oncogenic transcription factor jun
*jac is a cd player
*jac is located on the gulf of mexico intracoastal waterway
*jac is a national organization with the 6
*jac is currently undertaken by the kent downs aonb unit
*jac is very economical to feed
*jac is 4th leading reining futurity winner sire for the past 5 year stats
*jac is owned by the heikes
*jac is a small group and some programs require driving considerable distance outside of tampa
*jac is composed of members selected by the director of fsl representing the jet user community
*jac is going to grad school in chicago
*jac is developed in collaboration with the caolac group of research
*jac is a framework for aspect oriented
*jac is headquartered in the blue
*jac is edited by thomas kent
*jac is also responsible for the worldservice corps
*jac is a natural
*jac is one of the most dangerous players
*jac is already deep in the business of providing support not only to all us forces deployed in the european command area of responsibility
*jac is a member of the new aonb association officially launched in december 1998
*jac is available in many libraries in north american
*jac is java aspect components
*jac is as happy as ever
*jac is launching a range of online services through its www.jactinglim.tk
*jac is a member of jccj
*jac is the guider in charge of our unit website

Now go try and make sense of this hahaha! or give it a go yourself :)

Sunday, October 26, 2003

WOO-HOO! Remember when I had this gig to draw caricatures in the Toy Convention?

One of my customers is kind enough to post it online! wheeeee! I was so surprised when I accidentally found it by typing my name in Google :D thanks so much!

Check out the site here!
Ok, Saturday...

umm, I finally finished Nox (darn, that Hecubah is hard to kill!). And starting the play the other two stories. I also got a text from Ching who said she wants to buy 20 copies of my comics in color to give away to her friends for the holiday season as gifts. I offered to print colored covers in my printer and sell the books at PhP50 each.

I went out today and bought metallic paper to print my covers on and I am now working on churning out indies with colored copies, hopefully in time for the laguna Komikero meeting tomorrow at 2pm!

I'm still working on my G-force costume to cosplay at the coming c3con! So far I have the red/white striped pants, leather boots, and a red t-shirt. I'm still figuring out how to color the black and white parts of the shirt, and I still have to buy materials to make the transmute bracelet.
Okay... what did we do last Friday? Ummm, not much?

NOT! Beya saw on TV while my bro Allan was watching the local cable channel a feature about DIOKO RESORT AND BUTTERFLY FARM located right here in San Joaquin, San Pablo City! She got so excited she wants us all to check it out right away!

And as luck would have it, our driver Nonoy had nothing to do because he took the day off so he could get registered as a voter but the office denied him to prioritize newbies.

So soon enough we're on our way through rough roads(and I mean ROUGH! Not for cars with lowered engines!) expecting to see a butterfly farm but half-afraid we'd be disappointed to see a lousy resort with a few dead insects in frames.

Well, what the hey! The first thing we saw as we drove up inside are ostriches!

Friggin' OSTRICHES running around in their cages! They huge! and I gotta admit kinda scary. After we made sure the cages are secure we snapped pics. I'll upload the pics when they get developed :) the film's supposed to be for the butterflies but there we were snapping away at peacocks, snakes, deers, wild cats, kangaroos, eagles, falcon, monkeysand lots of other animals.

And that is only on our way to the frickin' buttefly farm. We found a few swimming pools. And we passed through a cute little garden to get to the entrance to the farm. When asked for tickets we asked Nonoy to run and get tickets for all six of us (Mamy, Beya, Allan, me, Wanwan, Nonoy and Mikko(he's free :p). A ticket costs PhP40 for grown-ups, PhP20 for kids.

after the cute garden we saw... dead insects in frames. But lo and behold! What's behind door number 2?! after pushing through plastic curtains we're in! Butterfly Farm! We're surrounded with flitting, floating butterflies! wan kept squaling and laughing because they tickle when they rest on our bare skin. wan's wearing a sleeveless and skirt so yes, she's the noisiest among us :)

We took our time taking in all the different kinds of butterflies and flowers. The variety isn't as big as any butterfly encyclopedia, but their sheer number is enough to make you want to stand still just long enough for one of them to rest on you. And in the middle is pretty fish pond full of colorful japanese carp.

we just followed the zigzag path inside the garden and soon we made our way out because they butterflies are starting to freak wanwan and allan out("geez! get offa me already!!!")... heheheh!

And when we got out we found a playground and took the liberty of making fools of ourselves by playing like kids(good thing the film ran out halfway through the butterfly farm). I nudged my way down slides, rode the swings til I rocked the poor foundations and see-sawed until it nearly broke under our extreme weight!

after that we walked around the resort and found more swimming pools. the place was nearly empty (duh! why else would we play in the playground?!) as we pester the employees there about cottage rates and stuff. entrance fee for the resort is PhP70 i think. a room with 3 beds and an aircon and a full bath is maybe PhP1200.

soon after we made our way home and stopped by Folcon's Bakery and coffee shop along Maharlika Hi-Way to buy pastries. And it's day well-spent :)

Friday, October 24, 2003

here's hoping I get that ePLDT job

just finished second interview. It was as fun as last time. I talked with their Developers Team as well. I wonder when I could get to have the final interview though

after that i went(and got lost on the way) to rockwell, powerplant mall, kingfisher restaurant for my mom's uncle's book lanuching of his eighth religious book "Hardin ng Panalangin Book 8".

Lolo Pros (Proceso Marcelo) a radio announcer/pastor for the DZAS AM station. His son (bale my uncle) Junjee Marcelo wrote songs for Gary Valenciano and won a Metropop sonf festival years ago :) I'll post pics when they get developed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Yesterday was a wonder-FULL day for me!

I got to get out of the house (finally) NOT to go mind the store or run errands, but to actually go out to Manila for a job interview at Boni Avenue!

I got there and made to answer two essay-type questions which I finished early enough to meet with friends Cathy and Derrick(guy in photo below, yep: leftmost one) in glorietta!

We all met in Timezone at G4 and we stopped by Subway to get lunch while Cathy orders water because she already had a big breakfast :) after that she took us to Landmark to help me find clothes for my cosplay.

After that I went back to Boni to continue my tests for my job hunting. I answered non-verbal and verbal tests as well math and personality. I finished them all before the guy who came before me did.

After I submitted my test papers they called me back to decrease my answers for the personality test. When I did I saw that the previous tests have scores and they're pretty high, though I'm still a bit disappointed that there is a mistake or two, for I prefer having perfect scores.

After that I went back to Makati and had my resume photocopied because ePLDT wanted 3 copies of it when I show them my portfolio. The interview was fun and spontaneous.

We all joked around as I was interviewed by three pretty chinese girls and an artist guy and they even asked me to make a doodle for them, which I gamely did with chibi renditions of them. When the interview was over I thought it was too fast compared to the all-day I went through at Boni.

As I wondered if I said anything wrong at the interview at ePLDT (is it when they asked if I watch Meteor Graden?), I went on to meet Rolynelle's friend who's needing a background artist. He's kinda cute. But he already has a girlfriend hahaha!

Anyway the gig sounds exciting, but he may not be able to pay me as much as I'd need to be paid. I'll see if I can give the project a shot. As much as I'm interested, I'm already taking plenty of 'charity jobs' (gigs I do not do for the money, but because I know they need my help even if they can't afford it) as it is.

If I can't take this one in I'll recommend other artists and help in any other way I can :)

update: ePLDT called today! Their boss wants to talk to me tomorrow 11am! So it's not the Meteor Garden after all! Ahehehe, hope this works out... this one sounds good :D

Wow, then I'll go to my Lolo Pros' book launching of his 8th "Hardin ng Panalangin" book at Kingfisher in Rockwell at 6pm tomorrow! Wheeeeee!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Wunan just texted me saying he just bought a copy of my indie in comic quest! Wheeeee! Thanks! Hope more people buy them!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Time? I'd rather teleport. And why acid? i'd rather water. eagle?... rather have raven. and i'm actually weak against cold. as for weapon i'd much rather have a sturdy staff ;)

heheh, yeah. I'm playing nox as a conjurer. And during the day I mind the store sespecially now that we're having our second garage sale.

check it out! we have working washing machines costing a thousand or two (we bought a new one with a dryer na kasi. long story), old clothes (if you're into retro you can get em at ten bucks a piece), old shoes (too many shoes), old mags(cosmo, ym, etc from PhP5 to PhP20). And accessories like fancy rings and necklaces at PhP1 each.

And we still sell food.


...why didn't anyone tell me? :D

Friday, October 17, 2003

Become a God or Goddess. by zerogirl
God/Goddess ofTime
Animal Companion:Eagle
Weak againstHeat
Weapon:Bow and arrow
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I would also like to greet my Mamy a very Happy Birthday ^_^ Wheeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and it's also papa Takeshi Kaneshiro's birthday daw heheheheh!
My big sis Achi Beya has a blog! Go read it!

To view the pics, right click whatever tiny red X you see, click properties, then paste the URL onto your browser. When you hit Back the pic's in the blog :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

What is Your Destiny? by Valcion
DestinyDefeat of your archnemesis
Date when you fufill your destinyJune 9, 2022
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

What the-? I don't even know who the heck my arch nemesis is! :p
I'm thinking of making a website called"Komikera". It's gonna be a website about female Filipina comix artists. I would like all you Komikeras to email me pics links and other details for it :) if any one of you is a web designer/developer then all the better :)
To anyone who's passing by San Pablo!

Wanwan Fastfood is now serving ICE CREAM SHAKES in Black Forest and Cookies&Cream flavors! They cost only PhP5 and PhP10!

Coming soon: MORE FLAVORS!

And it's Cathy the Costume Player's birthday on October 19! Wheeeeeee! Happy birthday cathy!

oh, and I'm reading Meekerz' strips :)

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm deciding between Warcraft3: Frozen Throne or Tomb Raider III.

Given a choice, I'd love to play Frozen Throne because I already played Reign of Chaos and enjoyed it immensely. Problem is the stupid game won't run. My PC hangs everytime it shows the menu.

So I'm sort of forced to play Tomb Raider 3. As much as I enjoy watching the hot Lara Croft running around, it could only entertain for so long. First-person games aren't exactly my favorite, besides the fact that a friend told me it's the hardest Tomb Raider game ever!

I'll try installing Warcraft3 again one last time. If it still doen't work I'm going back to Lara. I'm beginning to enjoy finding secret areas in her mansion ;)

here's another webcomic I follow. I found this through azrael.

Monday, October 06, 2003

this strip got me laughing so hard! check it out here.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 04:07:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: "ciara songco"
Subject: i like your strips
To: jactinglim@yahoo.com

hello! im ciara nicole songco from ust commerce and im a staff of the group who invited you last month for the exhibit and artists' stuff. we're the commerce journal, the student publication of the college of commerce. im happy you enjoyed the trip back to ust and the lunch thing we prepared for you guys. i was looking for you nung seminar pero you left na pala. kc nga i enjoyed the strips in the exhibit i was looking for some of your stuff pero wala naman. anyway, just wana say i like the humor in your strips and id like to ask where i could get them. kc i don't know the places you mentioned in your site. more power girl. you rock.


Saturday, October 04, 2003

Jade Fandiño of mellowdelprado.com emailed me about being the one who bought the sample copy in comicsden!

Yeah, that band Gerry Alanguilan made a cd cover for :)
And yeah, the one with the "cute chick" in their music video (according to az)

You can buy their CD for P100. I'm working out on how to meet Jade...

I went to Ortigas last Thursday to meet someone. After that I went to Comic Quest to propose a consignment. When the ladies there told me I had to bring a letter first and have it approved before it can be decided whether I can sell my indies there I rushed off to look for a PC place where I can type and print out the dang letter.

Luckily I found Pacific Internet Cafe at the Cyberzone in Megamall. As soon as I had the letter printed I ran back down to basement where Comic Quest is. Thankfully the owner Mike Simbulan was there, for he is very easy to talk with. I gave him my letter and 10 copies and told him that it's ok to start selling as soon as his office approves. He told me I can call Monday to know how it turns out.

After that I looked for Comics Central Headquarters (CCHQ) along Katipunan, Diliman. My thanks to Sherry Baet, Joanah Tinio, Claire Villacorta and all my other friends who recommended the place to me. The ladies there are very supportive of indie comics. And they gave me no trouble at all. They just looked through a copy to make sure there's no mature content and agreed then & there to sell. Nice huh? :)

I looked through their Indie Shelf and picked out a P60 indie with a colored cover and another indie called Chop Suey by Claire and Paolo. I wanted to buy a lot of other indies but I didn't that much money at the moment. I'm very happy to see Carpool, Cresci Prophecies and Armor Troopers. After that I went home ;)

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

STRIP SITE updated!

Four new colored strips! New front page! And a few announcements at the bottom.

10 copies now available at COMICSDEN.COM in San Pablo City!
Someone bought my sample copy before I even left my ten copies there! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

I plan to leave 10 copies each at Comicsden.com, Comic Quest and CCHQ. Will announce it here at my blog when I drop them off. I made 50 copies for the first run.
If I hear of any events where I can sell my indies I'm there ;)

Oh, and if anyone of you are willing to color my front page for free let me know ;D