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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ok, Saturday...

umm, I finally finished Nox (darn, that Hecubah is hard to kill!). And starting the play the other two stories. I also got a text from Ching who said she wants to buy 20 copies of my comics in color to give away to her friends for the holiday season as gifts. I offered to print colored covers in my printer and sell the books at PhP50 each.

I went out today and bought metallic paper to print my covers on and I am now working on churning out indies with colored copies, hopefully in time for the laguna Komikero meeting tomorrow at 2pm!

I'm still working on my G-force costume to cosplay at the coming c3con! So far I have the red/white striped pants, leather boots, and a red t-shirt. I'm still figuring out how to color the black and white parts of the shirt, and I still have to buy materials to make the transmute bracelet.

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