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Friday, October 10, 2003

I'm deciding between Warcraft3: Frozen Throne or Tomb Raider III.

Given a choice, I'd love to play Frozen Throne because I already played Reign of Chaos and enjoyed it immensely. Problem is the stupid game won't run. My PC hangs everytime it shows the menu.

So I'm sort of forced to play Tomb Raider 3. As much as I enjoy watching the hot Lara Croft running around, it could only entertain for so long. First-person games aren't exactly my favorite, besides the fact that a friend told me it's the hardest Tomb Raider game ever!

I'll try installing Warcraft3 again one last time. If it still doen't work I'm going back to Lara. I'm beginning to enjoy finding secret areas in her mansion ;)

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