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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Yesterday was a wonder-FULL day for me!

I got to get out of the house (finally) NOT to go mind the store or run errands, but to actually go out to Manila for a job interview at Boni Avenue!

I got there and made to answer two essay-type questions which I finished early enough to meet with friends Cathy and Derrick(guy in photo below, yep: leftmost one) in glorietta!

We all met in Timezone at G4 and we stopped by Subway to get lunch while Cathy orders water because she already had a big breakfast :) after that she took us to Landmark to help me find clothes for my cosplay.

After that I went back to Boni to continue my tests for my job hunting. I answered non-verbal and verbal tests as well math and personality. I finished them all before the guy who came before me did.

After I submitted my test papers they called me back to decrease my answers for the personality test. When I did I saw that the previous tests have scores and they're pretty high, though I'm still a bit disappointed that there is a mistake or two, for I prefer having perfect scores.

After that I went back to Makati and had my resume photocopied because ePLDT wanted 3 copies of it when I show them my portfolio. The interview was fun and spontaneous.

We all joked around as I was interviewed by three pretty chinese girls and an artist guy and they even asked me to make a doodle for them, which I gamely did with chibi renditions of them. When the interview was over I thought it was too fast compared to the all-day I went through at Boni.

As I wondered if I said anything wrong at the interview at ePLDT (is it when they asked if I watch Meteor Graden?), I went on to meet Rolynelle's friend who's needing a background artist. He's kinda cute. But he already has a girlfriend hahaha!

Anyway the gig sounds exciting, but he may not be able to pay me as much as I'd need to be paid. I'll see if I can give the project a shot. As much as I'm interested, I'm already taking plenty of 'charity jobs' (gigs I do not do for the money, but because I know they need my help even if they can't afford it) as it is.

If I can't take this one in I'll recommend other artists and help in any other way I can :)

update: ePLDT called today! Their boss wants to talk to me tomorrow 11am! So it's not the Meteor Garden after all! Ahehehe, hope this works out... this one sounds good :D

Wow, then I'll go to my Lolo Pros' book launching of his 8th "Hardin ng Panalangin" book at Kingfisher in Rockwell at 6pm tomorrow! Wheeeeee!

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