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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Silly Dream

I just woke from a silly dream and thought I'd share it with you guys.

I'm aware it's been a while since I last blogged; especially in this platform, and in this way; but I suppose reading through Xiaxue's archives somehow prompted me to start blogging again.

ANYWAY the dream:

It was the usual kind of dream where you start off watching a scene like in a movie, and then when I inadvertently start reacting or relating to one of the characters, I became that character, jumping right in to immediately answer my own question "Why, (if I'm that character,) I oughtta..."

That character I turned into may be anyone; a young boy, an old Indian woman, an unsure yuppie. I guess I should start describing the 'first' scene, as my dreams usually jump around from one scene to another, varying in genres and pure randomness. There may have been far more many scenes before it, but it was the earliest my right-brain memory could remember, as the rest have already faded away while I rambled in this post XD

I saw a young, newlywed couple who just moved in to a new neighborhood. A Christmas party targeted for children has just ended in their apartment, and the last child has just left, a boy tightly hugged the woman whom he loved so much. I assumed it's because he's her nephew or something, as I related it to my own relationship with my nephew Mikko. I could see myself doing the kiddie stuff never through my own kids, but through others' whom I'd love no less.

And immediately I was that woman. A dark-haired caucasian with a touch of Latina, secretly and painfully conscious of her own huge hips and thighs and wishing she could lose more weight, as she was taking down the holiday decorations off their windows. The new husband stopped her before she could get any further, telling her to let them savor the seasonal spirit for one more day. She closed the windows, still strewn with childish and cheap tinsel and plastic bells and mistletoes, and leaned back into his arms, staring out. She thought, "Well, he (the boy) would like that, too."

In the morning the man left for work on his motorcycle, similarly with dark Grecian-like features, as his wife ran out of the house asking in vain if she could ride with him to buy something, but the load roar of his motorcycle drowned out her uncertain, obviously not-loud-enough shy request, leaving her behind. The next scene showed her riding in a strange make shift shuttle system that resembled a jeep, which showed her coming back home with a jar of figs, annoyed with her own long, thick and straight black hair for flying about during the open-air ride. She was riding with her neighbors, all of which were of different races and backgrounds.

She went home to be greeted by a young plump redhead with frizzy hair and glasses who seemed to be wearing a costume straight out of Mobile Suit Gundam. That's when I realized the young woman was wearing something similar, although hers was a black short skirted number while the chubby redhead's was green.

I didn't find it strange at all to find Leonard Hofstadter sitting in one of the tables of what seemed to be a wedding reception banquet hall made out of an HDB's void deck. The redhead seemed to be trying to get Leonard to get attracted to the darkhaired woman, but for some reason it was Sheldon who looked more intrigued than anybody. He kept asking what's going on, and the darkhaired one (me?) kept trying to get him to stay still and wait for the redhead's announcement. She seemed to be worried he'd view the situation differently from what the redhead intended.

And sure enough, Sheldon was soon at the podium announcing to all the guests that he, like everyone else in that party, was unsure what in the world was going on, specifically whose marriage it was they were supposed to be celebrating, as apparently they attended no wedding, let alone the redhead's,who invited them all there. He went on to say that he has found the whole affair to be nothing more than another product of an otaku's delusion, as the whole party apparently was a celebration of her fanfic's wedding between Char Aznable and Natalie Bianchi. He suggested everyone to stand up and leave this 'utter hogwash that's not even canon'.

As the dark haired lady (who finally realized what their costumes were for, as they looked similar to Char's uniform) looked around as the guests stood up to leave, with the redhead pleading them to stay. Personally I found the redhead to be indeed a bit deceptive, but I suppose her dark haired friend is loyal, for the next thing I knew I found myself going up to Sheldon to interrupt his speech:

"Sheldon," she started with a very firm voice, like I remembered how I talked to my brother when he was trying to test our limits, "please. sit. down."

Sheldon tried to say more to prove himself right but her voice raised in volume a bit higher, but the pitch lower: "Now."

Subdued, Sheldon left the podium, but it was already too late. She addressed the leaving guests, "Why are you all leaving? The party is about to start!"

They answered "The married couple wasn't even real!"

At that she(I?) banged the podium with open palms and called out, "SO WERE ROMEO AND JULIET! And yet their love, and their tragedy, were celebrated for hundreds of years by EVERYONE. Including each and every one of YOU. Why can't we celebrate THEIR love now?"

At that point I found myself awake. I was frustrated for not being able able to know if she has succesfully convinced them, but I resigned myself to thinking it was an arguable point.