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Monday, May 19, 2003

I misplaced my cel today. When I finally found it I also found tons of missed calls from Geoff. I wondered why he wouldn't just text. When I went to the tindahan they said that he went there with pies. eh? When I went home there's a pie in the fridge. Anyway, my cel's battery is at it again and conked out so I was recharging it when Geoff called again to tell me that he's got a cd for me. Soon enough he came by and I had to crawl my way out of my jobs with deadly deadlines. I thanked him for the pie and cd, and apologised that I'm too busy.

I worked til 3am last night to work on the jobs that are due today. One of them's approved and gonna be paid for (whee! 3 and counting!) while the other one has revisions that I'm not sure whether they've me told me about it yet or I've already fixed it. And they're negotiating over the price. I gave them an offer that I hope would be ok for both of us. She said she's solely paying for it and not the company. Knowing that i've been there myself I went as low as I can regarding the fee.

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