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Saturday, May 17, 2003

I’m quite happy with the way the tindahan is going, or maybe this Friday is really good for us. We were having a bit more customers than usual, and my employees (reduced to only two since we laid of the highest-paying one… er, yes, the one who told me it’s my fault that the tindahan’s having difficulties because I should involve myself more in it). Anyway, I’m really happy because the two employees who used to have pretty minor roles when we still have that primary employee is now slowly learning to depend on themselves more instead on the primary employee and us. They usually ask us for decisions on the usual stuff. But as I’m helping them realize that we’ve been making most of the decisions the same way (like how often we should restock and stuff), they grew confident enough to make the decisions by themselves. I was quite surprised at how scared they are to make decisions, until I found out that they used to get scolded all the time by the past employee.

Having less employees have lightened our expenditures a bit and we learned to rely more on ourselves. Mom minds the store as often as she can, but whenever she’s needed somewhere else we learned that we could manage on our sometimes, despite it on a limited capacity(I still yet to be a kick-ass cook like mom). I also find myself amused when some patrons would eat at our place and try to flirt with us. I just tell them that they only think I look nice because they haven’t seen Wanwan yet. Or mom. I mean, come on!

Oh well, let’s see… still working on Harley. I stopped worrying about being slow and just concentrated on turning out work that I can be satisfied with. Big diff, it means I can be more relaxed with this. Just realized to my horror that I drew my elements to small! Waaaaa! I have to Xerox-enlarge them and redraw the whole thing! Sheesh, thank goodness for technology. I better layout them in actual size first, then enlarge it for redraw. Don’t mind redrawing it, I’m losing my cartoon style and it came out too realistic. Clear sign that I’m taking this thing way too seriously when I should be enjoying this. Very grateful for Jonas’ input. For an inker he sure is helpful!

Blitzworx said they’ll hire me for pencils and inks when the script is finished. Ed Lim of Komikasa also hired me to pencil and ink a 5-page sample. If he finds it ok, he’ll let me tackle a 72-page comic. Whoa… can I do this?

CCSL also decided to let me work on a poster as well besides making two strips a month. Still figuring out price quote for that one.

Also working on Hot Copy 2 even if the deadline’s still a bit far mostly because it’s fun. Like when I get stressed or pressured with my more ‘serious jobs’. Heheh! I’m actually glad I’m getting multiple jobs. I have this habit of jumping from one job to another whenever I get anxiety attacks on some of them hehehe! That way I work on all of them!

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