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Monday, May 19, 2003

I woke up to check my email and found that I suddenly have deadlines without my knowing it until i have only one day left! So I panicked and made a few calls for help. Thankfully it came. As usual i am very grateful :)

I finished revising the third HK strip when dady az came. wheee! And he brought me Animatrix! We watched all nine episodes of it! Totally mind blowing! Ang galeng! Astig! Az, your post-birthday gift kicks ass! If i could find the clothes I'd dress up as that girl in red leather in Flight of the Osiris. Well, ok, I already have the outfit she wore on the opening sequence (red robe, red blindfold and red... uh, stuff) but I don't like the idea of walking around a convention barefoot. hehehehehhee!

I hope I remember to bring it to the next komikero meeting, and I hope it won't skip.

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