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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Because there isn't enough 'hanging space', we decided to do laundry twice a week. We started up the washing machine and separated the laundry: Dirty, Very Dirty, and Downright Skanky!!! Heheheheh joke ;D

Wheeee! I sold two copies of Animatrix so far! One to Jonas and another to Beho. I'm currently following up a third sale with Pong, but I couldn't get a hold of him lately. Anyway, on my way to the tindahan I bumped into (no, not literally!) one of our tindahan regulars, and he greeted me, asking me where I'm going. Duh! Where else would I be going? hehehe, but who cares?! He's a bishie! Wheee! An honest-to-goodness, tall-dark-and-handsome bishounen!!! Heheheh, he even got the long hair just right! Typical Meteor Garden(yeah, so shoot me!) heeheeheehee! He's one of these guys who hangs out at Oblena's, which is just near the corner of our block :)

Lyn, my friend since elementary, was supposed to meet me today at the tindahan. So I thought They could get to see each other again. Unfortunately she couldn't make it today because her house received guests. I got her to talk with beho on the phone and then we decided to meet up tomorrow :) beho told me about his triathlon trip to zambales.hm, still not sure if he'll attend the komikero meeting this sunday. I just told him to let any one of them (him or his brothers) drop by.

So, it's an ok day, al in all :) wheeee!

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