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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Sunday was great! We had our Komikero meeting that’s supposed to be monthly(but we were too busy to meet last May). They had this trekkie night going on, but I’m only interested to watch whenever that babe T’pol appears on-screen. Kuya Gerry made this incredibly yummy pesto. I HAD to get second helpings! Oh, and we drew comix again :)

WARNING! Rant ahead:

I’m getting sick and tired of “friends” who are actually after something more than friendship. Something more than I can give. It’s like they have this hidden agenda that, however obvious it is or ill-hidden, I cannot point out. Not unless I’m a terrible bitch. Which, as much as some people strongly claim and believe so, I am (unfortunately!)not.

What’s more, it is saddening for me to realize that the people I thought were my friends actually see me as nothing more than a trophy. A challenge. A prize. A game for their stupid egos. Does it make your life more interesting? Hey, you can’t lose! I give in, you get your trophy. I don’t, you get your own version of Wasted. Cool!

Okie, that over and done with, let’s move on to chain letters! I suppose you’ve already read about this in Gerry Alanguilan’s blog, but I personally hate chain letters that threaten you if you don’t forward their stupid email. I’m not saying the people who forwarded me those emails are stupid. I’m saying the email is.

And I also get offended by emails with gory picture attachments. The first time I actually replied to a Forward(I usually just delete Forwards without reading them, emails and texts alike) was when someone sent me those pictures about a kid getting swallowed by this big boa constrictor. Next time, just send me anime hentai pictures instead!

Just kidding ;)

But if I get fed up with this(it’s MY turn to threaten!), I’m gonna send out to everyone pictures of the LOTR charas getting it on! If only to vent my annoyance about my Legolas being called gay. Of course, I’d be snapped back to my senses if someone retaliates by sending me doctored pics of the F4 portrayed as gay people.

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