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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Toy Con was awesome!!!!

I was asked a month ago by dady Az if I would like a gig there. All I could think of offering is drawing. So he announced me as caricature artist along with the other guys in the booth (I didn't see the henna girl tho).

As I left at 9am for Megamall I was apprehensive because I was afraid I'd just be wasting my money on the bus fares only to end up sitting on my buttn all day. But I consoled myself with the thought of spending my idle time buying all the comics and other stuff I'd like, limited as my budget was.

As soon as I met with Az (yes, I got lost. Again.) I voiced my fears of not being up for the job. Being the good friend that he is, he told me to stop being ridiculous (joke!).

I went in the toycon and made one solid go-around in the tiny room (jeepers! I thought it's gonna be held at megatrade hall???). I was ready to buy culture crash 11, especially when az told me that macopa fanart I sent ages ago is finally getting published. But the guys there don't have change for a hundred. I planned to come back for it as soon as I'm idle :)

I got back to the booth to rest and recollect my senses after I got tired from my 2 hour bus jouney. But soon enough I was surprised to find this chinese guy asking me draw his daughter. oh, I get it. I babysit while he shops for toys :) but the girl refuses to be left by her dad. I talked to her in all the chinese i know. It seemed to calm her little. and the father was amused enough to ask me if I'm chinese. finally i decided to make a quick pencil capture of the girl's features so she can go around the con with her dad, and they can come back for it when I'm done with inks and cleanups.

They were happy with the results. And I was surprised. I made a few mistakes, but i fixed them. and others who gathered to watch me draw started asking. I got a scrap paper and wrote "Comix Caricatures, P100 Whole, P50 Half size". This woman was excited as she took her turn and looked through my portfolio. When she saw a winged comix character there she asked if I could draw her wings. I smiled and asked if she'd like a costume with that. She thought for a while and decided to draw her with wings, and wearing a bikini(!). I had no problems with that because she's quite a babe, and it won't be much of a stretch at all :)

As I drew her more people gathered when they realized I could draw them any way they want. The girl was very pleased with the "bikini-clad angel" she gave me a picture of her with three of her girlfriends and asked me draw more. after that She made me draw her and her guy friend who was with her. I drew them in matrix-style costumes.

I was pretty glad realizing I just earned P300 when other people took pictures out of their wallets and lined them up for me for their turns. The girl who bought 3 drawings gave me french fries compliments of her guy friend because they know I still haven't had lunch. Dady Az gave me a much-appreciated iced tea, while I swiped a brownie from my katabi gerry(joke!) while carlo authographed my copy of zsa zsa zaturnnah. I'm suddenly glad I had that chickenjoy meal for breakfast that morning. I plan to get lunch as soon as I get a lull. meaning if i finished the last drawing without the next customer.

Next thing I know it was 7pm. I finally let my friends talk me into getting lunch when my next customer said he could wait until the toy con closes, since he's one of the organizers. I got back to do the drawing just in time for the toy con to end. other people expressed their disappointment when I told them I can't draw anymore as the toy con has ended.

Lots of people asked for my business crads until I ran out of them. There's even one from Coca-Cola daw who took my email because she wants to contact me. Other people took my mail/business cards since they plan to just send their pics online for me to draw them after the toy con. Az said I'm gonna do this again in the next c3con in megatrade hall :)

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