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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wanwan's Watercolors

Click HERE to view the first 6 uploaded watercolor paintings by my younger sister Wanwan :)


Deck said...

Uy! galeng! kala ko picture, haha :)

Dominique said...

Hi, Jac. Nice pic from your sis. My only comment is that she lays the colors on thick, whereas watercolor is supposed to be a transparent medium. But anyway, that's a purist's stance. The picture still looks great.

I might also suggest soft pastels, a chalk-like substance. Medyo mahal nga lang, at P190 per box. Here's a study I made: http://www.sketches.kom.ph/sketchbook/2004-09-26.dir/gothcountesssm.jpg.

Oil pastels brushed over with turpentine is also a good combo.