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Monday, July 12, 2004

(Sorry, watched Finding Nemo for the hundredth time)

Yay! It's my first day here in CSB! I am tasked to submit a poster design by Wednesday, and it's cool how they're letting me feel my way around muna today. I got to borrow materials like newsletters and catalogs and primers to learn all about CSB. I'm wondering if I could study here too heheheh! Maybe Flash and html... but of course, work first ;) I am definitely using my time here in Manila to learn. I'll just figure out basing on my work schedule what I can study.

I was given a tour around the campus and I'm impressed at how they manage to get everything(classrooms, admins, offices) in such a small space. But that's just me being a UST grad ;) And their canteen is droolworthy! ;D I can't wait to eat all the flavors of the ice cream there ONE BY ONE! Just like I did when Dairy Queen opened near UST back in college. I managed to try all the flavors by the time schoolyear ended ;9

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Anonymous said...

grabe, ang saya mo diyan ha. :P

-- rej