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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wonky Yahoo Mail

I'm really getting fed up by this. I've been using my Yahoo mail since 1998 but since last month I seem to be noticing that noone has been receiving my emails, no matter how many times I've emailed them. Especially when I attach files to them.

I really hope Yahoomail resolves this issue immediately, for my freelance job relies in their service a lot. I had to open a mail account at their competitor's just to be able to successfully email the needed files to my clients.


Ed said...

I get that too...sometimes I don't get email from others. So I have to use Gmail. Try sending email to the Support team, they'll reply. :)

Clayton said...

gmail is the future, embrace it

Mike Abundo said...

This is why teens don't use Yahoo.

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Malamang napupunta ang emails mo sa bulk mail ng mga nakakatanggap. This happens when you send large files and/or CC a lot. Better if you put all your extra addresses sa BCC instead so it's not interpreted as spam.

I sent a bunch of large attachments to a Yahoo email, and it never got there. I asked the guy to look in his bulk folder and there it all was.

Clayton said...

Jac, would you like me to send an invite to you for gmail? We could also chat through that on gtalk!

AKILEZ said...

I have use Yahoo since it just started in 1993. Yet Another Heirarchy Officious Oracle (Y.A.H.O.O.)that's the meaning of it. Yahoo email is fine Gmail is not safe still an infant compared to other emails like Hotmail. I always get my Email and tons of Picture from my friends. I have 200 pics on my File on Yahoo.

David Fifo, Chang and the rest of the gang are great. They're now using Gigs of Ram and Yahoo messenger you can listen to radios and stuff while chattin. If you have a Pentium 4 chip and a 512 DDR SDR/RAM memory.
Yahoo split the email from friendly to Junkmail (I received 300 junkmail everyday and Yahoo blocks all of those and put it on the Junk email folder)Your friend should list you on his/her Contacts. By the way did you know that you have a Spyware or Adware on your Blog? It took me 3 hours to get the culprit deleted on my file.One of your sponsors or friend is doing it.

And one more thing Why did you deleted my message on your message board?
Do you still want me to post here?

take care

AKILEZ said...

By the way Asian server is different from the Mainland Server (USA). Yahoo is being Careful scanning those email coming from Asia. There are tons of Asian Hackers or Spybot

Y.a.h.o.o. is avoiding another Love Bug. My computer is Free of Adware, Spyware, Trojan Horse, Viruses and especially Pop-ups.
I recommend that you buy a Norton.


Jac said...

ed- Ok thanks Ed :)

clay- haha, yeah I actually used my Gmail account.

mike- thanks for the link :D

gerry- hmm yeah, that happened to me too!

achilles- I never deleted any of your posts. Hmm, must be a glitch.

Sean said...

What does the "Teens Don't Use Yahoo!" post have to do with Yahoo e-mail? All that the post mentions is the fact that teens don't like the Yahoo! home page because of the ads.

azrael said...

mag gmail ka na kasi ehhehehe

Jac said...

sean- hehehe I guess you can ask him.

azrael- yeah, I was forced to use my Gmail whenever Yahoo doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

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Jac said...

Anonymous? And here we are just talking about glitches.