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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Equal 10 Best Bodies




These are the friends I made when I joined the Bikini Bodies last April 2005. They have since then went on with their lives working and working out. Maris recently told me they've joined this fitness pageant and I thought I'd help them by posting links here in my blog :) So it would be great if you guys would vote for my friends Maris, EJ and Olivia :) They're three of the coolest girls I know and I always admire them for their beauty, strength, wit and their discipline when it comes to staying fit :)


Ed said...

Tell me, Jac. Am I abnormal or what? These are very pretty Filipinas but they never seem to be my type. What's wrong with me?! Waaahhh!

:'( *sniffles*


Clayton said...

not your type?! what are you crazy?

Jac said...

Ed- actually, Olivia is from El Salvador :)

Ed said...

"Ed- actually, Olivia is from El Salvador :)" -jac

Really? Maybe I'm blinded by the looks of caucasians. :(

"not your type?! what are you crazy?" -clayton

I guess I am Clayton... :P