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Friday, June 17, 2005

Angeltears7 aka Giselle

I met Giselle a few months and she's the sweetest, nicest and cutest girl I've ever met! (hmm, I'm sounding like a Friendster testimonial... that reminds me! I'll just copy-paste this wehehe!) We found out that we share a love/obsession/addiction to chocolates and would meet for chocolates eversince(any other chocoloving girls care to join? ;). here's our pic when I first introduced her to Arashi Kishu. It was that night that she got the inspiration for the blog posts about make up basics for geek girls ;D Giselle also showed me a pic of her mom and I found it cool how it looks so much like my grad pic! I'll upload my grad pic when I find a good scan ;)


evan said...

Looking good ladies ;P

Arashi-KIshu said...


Jac you sure she's not your mom?
I swear that lady in the grad pic could be you!

Jac said...

evan- aww thanks!

arashi-kishu- my fam is saying naman the top half looks like me while the lower half looks like my Achi :)

eClair said...

You two look so cute! And Giselle's mom looks like you! Whoa! ^_^

Jac said...

aww heehee thanks claire :hugs: