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Friday, June 17, 2005


Tracy is a friend I met back in college. We used to be roommates and we hit it ioff immediately when we found out we both love drawing, anime, and comics. I'm always proud of her because besides the fact that she used to be part of the Women's Basketball Varsity, she has always been such a bright student. As a matter of fact, she's studying Law now, where she met her bf Brian, who's her classmate. I also remember supporting her in UST beauty pageants and watched her win. We were both ecstatic when we finally met again since I graduated. Her bf and his family told me I look and act so much like her that they find it hard to believe we're not related. They got more surprised when I added that we're both this hyper geeky genki girls even before we met :D It was wonderful meeting Brian's family. And I promised to let them know if I get wind of another Batman exhibit, for they really wanted to check it out themselves after I showed them the pictures I took in Gateway Mall (thanks to Az for the heads up!).


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

ahh... hawig nga kayo :) --kino--

eClair said...

Twin sister? *laughs*

Jac said...

hahaha! she's actually younger than me :)