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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hello Ariel!

Ok Ok! Here ya go:

Yesterday I went to my cousin's engagement party in Greenhills. We were so late though we missed the gift exchange ceremony practiced by Chinese families. But we saw the gold medallions they were wearing and the bride to be was wearing thick gold bangles wound together by red cords.

The meal was DIVINE! It was catered with Chinese specialties among others. There was the usual fruit salad and fried chicken, but there was also grilled sugpo split in half and grilled steak as well as sweet ham you may eat either in honey or as pan de sal sandwiches. There was also that egg/mushroom chinese soup and stir fried vegetables and chinese fried rice, and mini-beehives and caramel bars for dessert.

After that we went to Ayala Center to find an abay outfit for me because my Achi Vivi is getting married next month :D The color motif is turquoise. We went to Landmark and looked for a gown/outfit that's below P1500. The best we could find was a light turquoise gown with beaded backless halter top, with a long slinky turquoise skirt with a slit up my left thigh. It was P995 with a 30% off, but the problem is that it was obvious why it's 30% off, it looked old. The fabric shows obvious signs of wear and tear.

We went to SM Makati next through Glorietta, browsing in dress shops along the way. But besides the color turquoise being hard to find, the Glorietta price tags are simply above budget. We reached SM and went through the Ladies Wear department store. Beya found me a turquoise midcalf flouncy skirt at P650 and I chose a glittery light turquoise backless halter top for P299.95. I found my abay outfit :)

On the way back to the car we pass by baratillos and such. Besides browsing for vanilla scented stuff like lotions and perfumes(think Body Shop), I was also hoping to find that glitter tattoo kit Abi mentioned she saw in Watson's Megamall, but I never had the time. We passed by Candy Corner tho and I loved the giant chocolate covered malt balls. Reminded me of Rolling Stones I used to eat as a kid :D Heck, I love anything with chocolate on 'em!

We bought Smokey's hotdogs on the way to the Park Square 2 carpark (it's cheaper to park there). I chose baconwrapped cheesedog. As for drinks, I prefer water, but anything non-carbonated would do, so I ordered iced tea. In South Super Hi-way we stopped over the gas station where we bought in Starbucks. I ordered Peppermint mocha. When we got home I showed the outfit to the girls. Wan wanted to keep my outfit and have me buy another one because she likes it on herself, but the bride insisted she go buy her own :)

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