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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hello Cathy!

I was just browsing around while checking email, meaning to just update myself by reading my friends' blogs but since Cathy tagged ranting about the lack of updates, fiiine here ya go! Malakas ka sa akin e ;)

I'm rushing right now to finish 3 pages for Cat. If you'd check out my DeviantART account you'll see what it is ;D I hope to foinsh this on or before Friday morning, because I'm going to ABS CBN Friday afternoon for my practical test. I just took my test today, it's mostly Creativity and Personality stuff.

The Creativity test has 3 parts. The first part gave me a drawing of a black egg and told me to draw something to make it more interesting, and give it a title. I guess I couldn't take the concept of the black egg out of my head that my first idea is a century egg, but instead I drew a profile of a woman around it, making the black egg her pregnant womb, then planned to call it "Birth".

But I still have PLENTY of time for it, so I thought of what to add... I decided to add wings (yes, I'm obviously obsessed with wings. WAY before Mulawin ;) and more details on the woman. made her wear a malong-like skirt, and let her be topless. I kinda like seeing women wear nothing but maybe a malong or tapis. I dunno... I find that they somehow look more powerful? Whatever.

Still have lotsa time. I added jeweled cuffs and bracelets on her arm. Still more time. I look at the black oval. I decided to draw doves flying out of it. then filled the background with the woman's hair. I spent the rest of the alloted time blackening the wings, skirt and hair. Jerald told me kasi dati that black and white art looks more interesting with a bit more black(naaaks! Master Jerry! ;).

The next 2 parts are sorta like that, too. But the second part had 2 pages and the third part had 3 pages! Ack! They said I don't have to finish all the pages but I'm still glad I finished both pages of part 2. Then there's the personality test. Almost two hundred items. but no time limit :)

As for my PC, yes. It broke down. Again. I called Qnet asking why it wouldn't work. I told them the symptoms. They said it had a virus and they'll reformat it again. I asked if it's free. They said it's not. Fed up, I brought it straight to MSC. 3 hours later it's fixed. They said they just needed to repair the Windows registry, no reformat needed. They scanned it. No viruses. The virus definitions are even updated. They charged me their minimum fee :)

Oh well, yan muna for now. I have to get back to work on the comics :D babay!

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