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Monday, August 02, 2004


I had this weird idea of having the government run like a corporate company. Presidents and other governmental positions like senators, congressmen, etc would be selected the way HR departments choose their employees. IQ tests, EQ tests, Psych tests, the works.

That means no more voting by popularity or what have you, and no more campaigning. Instead of wasting their money campaigning, they could just use that money to sharpen their skills. I won't be surprised if review schools pop up just for that heh heh heh!

Which leads us to the question on who would be the Administrator? The one who would keep the successful candidates in line? I suddenly wanted to study business/corporate models. What if they do something bad? Send them a memo?? Who will send them?

If we try to form a board of trustees equivalent it may still go down to politicking, sabotaging the successful candidate because they wanted another candidate to pass the exams. Which defeats the purpose of forming a government and running it as controlled as the corporate models.

I'll let this idea brew in my mind if I still find it amusing to follow this train of thought.

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