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Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Acquisitions

and I got my digicam! Wheeee! If you know where I can upload pics and videos let me know ;) I also need to know where's a good place to buy memory cards(?) and extra batteries.


Heffer Wolfe said...

you can upload the photos at phlog.net

with regards to the memory cards you could try greenhills, you could get a great deal dun. batteries sa authorized na lang, don't take any chances sa ganun.

rene said...

jac, if you can brave going to R.Hidalgo in Quiapo then you'll get the best deals there. it's that street at the back of Isetann and SM in Sta Cruz where you can lust for anything photography related. i recommend Avenue Photo Supply, Mayer and Watsons...

fongi said...

hey jac, i'm so happy for you!!! teka, i don't recognize the model of your digicam... ano specs nun? (yuck, geek...) anyhoo, since you have a yahoo account, the easiest site to upload and share photos would be yahoo photos (duh) photos.yahoo.com - just log in using your yahoo ID :D alternately, you can go to kodak ofoto (i think it's ofoto.com) enjoy!!! :D

-Teresa- said...

Sony Image Station You can upload unlimited image and video files.