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Friday, January 23, 2004


Crikey! May Deviant Art account na pala ako hindi ko pa alam!

I've repeatedly tried to create a jactinglim account but inexplicably I always fail!
When I tried again today (with help from GOHUROACH) he found that there already is a jactinglim account in Deviant Art!

I guessed it was made by Blitzworx because only my Goodbye To You works are there.

Thanks Blitzworx! I hope you could send me the username and password for me to log-in and upload more works! :)

My god! I mean, the whole time I have always been looking at my friends' deviant art pages and I just drool at all the freedom they have in posting artworks. I created an account in Digital Art and it is very restrictive because they choose which I can upload and not. I don't even know why they refuse to upload some of my works.

And of course, when I read the compliments and helpful comments about my works, I was totally blushing! Nothing excites me like having my works complimented by strangers as well as friends! Thanks to you all!

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