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Monday, May 03, 2004

I'm Mulan!

Which Disney Princess are you?

I dream to someday work for Disney... as an artist, though. I'm afraid they'd give me a job instead where I have to walk around dressed up as Mulan, hahahah! ;D

Saturday: HOSPITAL

Ack! For the first time in my life I got confined in a hospital! Awwwww and I was so proud of never having been to the hospital! Sheesh, there goes my 'clean record' ;)

Anyway I got home from a night swimming with the Young Pro group of my church (UECP) last Saturday morning, having only one hour's sleep. Since it was 7am, I thought I still have a free internet hour left! Wheeeee! (Net Addict :p) So I got online.

Less then an hour later my nephew Mikko woke up and climbed into my lap. At around that time my younger sister Wanwan also came along and asked if she could Net. Since I'm almost done with checking my email and stuff I agreed and decided to set Mikko down because I was feeling dizzy.

That's when I unglamorously threw up the spaghetti I ate about 4am :p That's when I got worried about my church friend Cindy who ate more than I did at that time. I planned to text her to see if she's okay but by then I couldn't stop. I thought I'd feel better as soon as I got it all out. But later all that was going out was bile, and it hurt a lot.

I asked Elsie to give Mikko his milk because I realized I can't do it myself. Mikko refused to get his milk from somebody else though and tried pulling me off the kitchen sink and brought me as far away as possible. I was limping because my right leg stiffened up and I felt cramps forming below the knee. But I still needed to run back to the sink :(

By then Wanwan found me because she wanted to ask about Photoshop. She poured me a glass of water because she said it would help. Then she played with Mikko to distract him. Elsie also made me a cup of coffee. The glass of water worked I think, it hurt somewhat less since I'm getting out not just bile that time, so Wanwan poured me another glass. I barely got to drink that though :(

It was starting to get freaky when I couldn't feel my legs that I laid down on the kitchen floor. That's where out labandera Elsie found me. By then I couldn't feel my arms either, and it's getting harder and harder to breathe. Like the air passageway's continuously growing narrower as I lose feeling of my body from the neck down.

I couldn't open my eyes but I soon heard Wanwan say "Hey, get up! You're scaring Elsie!" I could hear in her voice that she's trying to lighten up the situation, partly also for herself. My body's rejecting bile again, and I could only say "hospital", because we were the only ones home that time. Wanwan tried calling Mamy and my older sister Beya.

She also tried calling several hospitals but she got NO answer from any of them! She finally dialled the SECOND FLOOR of Community Hospital where they tried to transfer the call to ER, but of course, NO answer! Eventually Wanwan had a tricycle called, and its driver carried me off the floor and into the transpo to bring me to Community, by then it reached ER so they brought me straight there.

My right calf was cramping up big time that I kept thrashing, kicking Wanwan's wallet off my ER bed(oops!), then her Samsung camera phone (GAH!)! Wanwan wiped me as my body is still rejecting. The people in the ER kept asking if I'm gonna be confined, doing NOTHING to me. Wanwan couldn't answer, or maybe I just couldn't see her answer because I still couldn't open my eyes.

Later on they said the only remaining room was the P2,500 Suite(!), of course, that's when I spoke up despite my feeling like hell! "No! Ward!" I mean geez! They weren't doing anything until they know where I'm gonna be confined! Guess what? Turned out there was a P400 5-person ward with only 2 occupants!

"Suite is the only vacancy," my @$$!

And only after then do they put an IV on me ("OW! That freakin' hurts!") and inject meds through the IV that made me stop retching. Mamy came along saying she bought meds for me too. I started feeling better enough to stop thrashing in bed. I felt little needles pricking my finger. Blood typing I think. I was ready to say "B! B! Quit poking me! My blood type's freakin' B!"

I felt them wheel me (I can only guess so much through closed eyes) to the ward then. I was about to open my eyes when I felt more needles poking me. Ack! Ooookay, I'm keeping 'em closed for a bit more! Oh no, they're getting my blood sample in a vacuole! Stupid phobia! Don't look! Don't look! Gawd I hate blood and blades and needles :p

I guess I drifted off to sleep after. I woke up finding Mamy beside me. She asked how I was feeling. I said I feel better. Wanwan said the color's back in my face and limbs. The other occupant in the ward was making chitchat with my fam. Doc came and checked me up. So far I looked fine, except my leg still hurt a little, recovering from the cramps.

I finally got to text Cindy to ask how she is. She said she's perfectly OK. I guess it's because she didn't swim at all. Or she had more sleep. I really dunno :p Anyway I'm just glad nobody else is affected :) Turns out Randell texted and Mamy replied to him saying I'm in the hospital. Beya told Derrick too. I didn't want to tell him because I didn't want to spoil his birthday or anything. His birthday's May 1.

I told the doc I wanted to go home since I feel OK. He said "But you've been here barely two hours!" He wanted to check first if I won't have relapses and insist I eat lugaw and nothing fatty for now. Mamy said she'll go home to cook lugaw.

"So Ting, how's an IV stuck on your arm feel?" asked Wanwan. Heheheh! Later Beya arrived with mamy's lugaw and I ate. Here's Beya's POV, as said to dad in an email:

"Me and Wan stayed with Ting at the Female Ward Room from lunchtime, so mamy can rest at home na lang. We basically just talked and talked and talked there, while waiting for ting's release orders. Buti na lang din we stayed long enough para ting was able to eat the hospital food there (besides the "new experience", we wouldnt have to worry about what "soft" foods we'd cook for ting to eat) There was lugaw, soup, steamed tilapia and extra plain rice with 2 macapuno sticks. Wan and i shared a macapuno stick to "test" if it's ok enough for ting's stomach. Heheh. ;) Finally, at around 5:15pm, ting was released by the doctor(mahal doctor's fee, P400!) so I went to pay at the Pharmacy na lang (they accept payments after the cashier closes at 4pm) We got home at around 5:30pm yesterday from Community Hospital. We paid around P2,690.00+ for the whole day.

By the way, ting didnt really get food poisoning naman, since the girl who ate spaghetti with her on the swimming party didnt get tummy aches. It seems parang "nalamigan" lang ang tiyan because she didnt get to change her clothes kaagad pagka-swim. :( Eh she has her period pa naman, kaya mas susceptible to pasma yata or lamig iye tummy. She didnt intend to go to the hospital pa nga sana, if she didnt feel the "pangingimi" in her legs creeping up towards her neck na. That's why she made pasama to wan to the hospital na. Community wanted to put her into the suite(P2.5K a day!), but ting insisted she'll be fine in the ward na lang (still thinking practical kahit namimilipit na sa sakit ;) )eh, it turns out meron pa namang available bed in the ward naman pala. Hay naku, hospitals talaga! ;(

You shouldnt worry about us though, we're taking care of each other naman here. :) Actually, the 3 of us were just chit-chatting away the time (esp.when there was only 1 other patient there with ting and she's on the OTHER side of the room kaya ok lang maingay, and we even befriended the taga bantays, since they were all "natutuwa" by how close we sisters are, and parang our kapatid lang daw mamy. They saw her earlier kasi, while she was waiting for wan to replace her at ting's bedside.:) ) When we were laughing because wan had to rush and get bottle for ting's 'samples', they were laughing with us too. :) Wan even got "souvenir shots" from the hospital experience(using her fone), we'll forward it to you when she sends it in the internet na. ;)"

I'll see if I can post the pics here. It featured 'Gandalf the Pink', which I was dubbed when I had to walk around in my pink t-shirt with the silly IV 'staff';D

Sunday: REST

Ahh! I planned this day to start drawing the 2-pager to try out for Mango Comics (female anime/manga style comicbook artists! Click away!) but they insist I rest. Aww, it means I miss church and Raipo's grad party :( So I spent the day watching Mtv and these are some songs/videos I'd like to check out later:

Run by Kitchie Nadal
Don't Tell Me by Avril Lavigne
This Love by Maroon Five
I'm Really Hot by Missy Elliot
She Wants To Move by N.E.R.D

And this celebrity(?) VJ Jamelia was wearing a cute black sleeveless shirt saying "BOYS NEED US GIRLS" hahahahaha! ;D

Monday: WHEEE!

By now I'm done reading the hardbound compilation of children's story excerpts (including Charlotte?s Web) called "Rhymes and Reasons" we bought in booksale. I plan to get back on track and go to Sir Mandy's place today at 2pm to meet with his kids Andrew and Meggy for more "Ate Jac Draws With You" sessions. Fun! Hmm, gotta get lab results too.

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