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Monday, January 10, 2005


Hmmm, I gotta remember to make that 5000th view kiriban for enerjak. She's the same talented girl who drew those Silent Hill spoof webcomics :)

Sorry I couldn't blog properly right now. I can't get online in the office that much. I only get online in net cafes after work.

The dorm is pretty ok :) we have tv! hehe ;) and we all work for abs cbn. we barely catch each other present or awake(or both) though. we each have weird scheds, i guess :) and yes, the tv's tuned to channel 2, myx, and ahem... similar channels ;) not by force or rules. It just is :D and we can cook and do laundry. hehe, i better learn to do my own laundry for that to matter.

work is cool. I'm having a blast :) my boss and co-workers are all cool, if not mostly guys. There are also female coworkers, and they're all pretty and cool hehe!

what's cool about it is i can still freelance, so thankfully my creativity won't get too saturated or stagnated. and i'm having fun with the freelance jobs too. And i keep in mind that my day job is still and always top priority.

By the way, I got to see Jen Rosendahl on my first day of work. Whee! She's so tall and pretty! And man, her dad's way taller! hehehe :D And she's cool to let me take a pic of her. i'll post it here as soon as I can. I saw Blakdyak the next day on my way to the canteen, pero nahiya na ako hehehe!

Oh well, I'll type more next time. I gotta go :)

Oh and congratulations to Inez, fellow Komikera, for her novel Sanctuary.


Deck said...

Wow! Kewlness! hey, hope you have a great time there! be seeing you around ;)

Raipo said...

Weeehooo! Jen Rosendhal! Ahahay Jac! Napakapunta ako ng G2!

fongi said...

nyak! seryoso ka pala!!! akala ko joke lang yun star circle wahahaha!!! well, nasa abs cbn ka na... which dept? i have a few friends who work there, too (or used to, not sure hehehe) anyway, i go to fitness first abs cbn weeknights (when i get home early enough) and saturday afternoons. what's YOUR sked like? =p