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Sunday, February 26, 2006


I managed to snatch a bit of free time for myself and had a ball making fanarts to people I've been owing fanarts to for like... years! I'm still not done making requested fanarts/art trades as I alternate with making a Neil Gaiman contest entry (gak! two days left!!!).

Mira Nova for Mannlich-violet for being the 15,000th hit on my Deviant Page
Geneviev for Enerjak for being the nth(I fotgot) hit on my Devpage

Art Trades:
Stalk Muses for Pilya fanart by Stalk
Galaxy Guardian Ginger for Pilya refined by Dangerman-1973

Fan Art: (I give an art trade to people who give me fanart when they want me to :)
Pilya color by ARTGK
Kabuki in color by Edtadeo
Jac Ting Lim 2 by Yodacomics
Diwata for nerp

Scruffy-zero for Prisma Pilya
Dylanliwanag for Reliving Ballroom Days
Boybalasa for Poster child for Figaro and Missing Picture and Do you Have Car Insurance
Grendelroach for Lila Daniels
Hecateschilde for Lila Daniels in Red
Naritoako for Peace
Banoi for BSP


Rey said...

ang swerte naman nila... :)

Jac said...

Why? Wanna art trade? :)

Rey said...

hey, sure!!! What you want?

Evan said...

Nice art Jac, as always :) Howcome you're never on yahoo anymore! :p

Jac said...

rey- Pilya fanart syempre! :D Ikaw?

evan- thanks! I can't be online as much as I want eversince my workstation is more of a drawing table than a computer :)

The Nethermancer said...

Greetings, Jac, I'm the GW player who interrupted you before while you were trying to kill a boss. Anyway, I just wanted to know if you're going to pick up GW: Factions and if you already knew about the new artist Marilith will be having. His renditions of Rally Vincent (Gunsmith Cats) and Claudia Grant (Robotech) are hawt. I'm really excited and looking forward to the direction Marilith's art style is taking. :)

Jac said...

nethermancer- Would I have to pay P3k (again) for the GW Factions? I'm really glad Jos Fouts found a new artist for Marilith :D I'm definitely checking it out.

The Nethermancer said...

In regards to GW: Factions, yes, I'm afraid you will have to pay again. I plan to pre-order the collector's edition though because it's supposed to come with a model figurine and an artbook, and an in-game bonus item for the new professions, the Assassin and the Ritualist. The're still a lot of discussion going on at guilds.ph whether AMDG will be accepting pre-orders for the CE, though. If you want more info about CW: Factions, go to guildwars.com. :)

Rey said...

Hmmm... I really don't know. how about a sketch of my son's face?

Jac said...

nethermancer- thanks! will do! :D that collector's edition sounds spiffy! Oh, and I saw Staton's art, they're good :) i'd love to see how he draws marilith. Oh, and I made a booboo: I meant Sean Lindsay, not Jos Fouts (blush!)

rey- sure, send me a full body pic by email!