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Friday, March 09, 2007

Oneechanbara Photoshoot

Here are some pictures from our Oneechanbara (Zombie Zone, Playstation 2) Cosplay Photoshoot. Will post link to more as soon as the photographer jokwa (aka Jun Marcelino) uploads them :D

I'm saving this one as the entry for the cosplay.ph Cosplay Photo Contest! extra points to Jojo for providing fake blood ;)


jokwa said...

yoohoo,thanks ms.jac for the opportunity..glad to have met kool guys like you,rod,pol & tattoo artist gel...yebah!

zeroimpact said...

I likle the photos
Really nice

Jac said...

jokwa- salamat din for making the effort to scout for locations and provide props :D

ZI- thanks! it was a fun collab!

Hazel Chua said...

nice! ang ganda ng photos!

Clayton said...

holy crap trumpted the hotness of the last photodump! Zombie killing cosplay!

Joey Alarilla said...

hi jac, was great talking to you :) thanks for accepting the invite. our podcasts page is at http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/podcasts and you can also listen to hackenslash: the podcast on my inquirer.net blog at www.inquirerbloggers.net/atplay

great pics!

take care :)

Rey said...

Grabe!!! OK ang mga shoots mo rito, Jac. Hindi OA tingnan. I actually like best the one with blood.

Cosplaying has really got you goin' huh? Good for you.

... And you cut your hair!!!???

Jac said...

hazel- thanks sis!

clay- glad you think so :)

joey- ok will check it out!

rey- I wore a wig :)

Myke said...

Man! everytime I pass by ur blog, you always got some suprises! Love the one with the blood too. Hmmm...I wonder what it'll look like if there are dead and wounded at the back? Mas ASTEG siguro lalo!


Jac said...

Yeah I sure would love to have a few dead bodies in the background ;)

solo flite said...

woah! hot as ever! ;)

Jac said...

Thanks :)


I won Runner Up at the Cosplay Resume Contest! Yay! Be sure to grab a copy of Cosplay Magazine :D