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Friday, May 04, 2007

Soul Society, Kalye Pinky and random pics

These are my two LJ communities :) I've already written about joining Kalye pinky here.

Soul Society invited me to become their official Nemu Kurotsuchi. I already tried on my wig and saw that I could style it to make it look like her hair :D Now all I need is a cheap tailor near Ortigas to sew my costume ^_^ And look for other accessories like shoes, etc.

I found more pics from the UP AME Matsuri btw:

from Gibs

from neilyamato

from Jake Amora

from Ara

And here are pics from Ongaku and E-Games events last Saturday thanks to FART

And here's a pic of me playing Monopoly for the first time... and WON!!! Thanks to my financial adviser Kel bwahahahaha!