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Monday, June 18, 2007

Toy Con 2007

Yaaaaaaaaaay! I won Best Female Cosplayer! Epic win!It are my birthday! nom nom nom XD

yes, I'm still crazy with disbelief :) Will post pix after I get permissions and sanity returns.

"Let's fight for the glory of Decem!"

and oh, do check out Danaya Zubiri here!

And according to Henry aka Sephiroth:

Here are the Individual Cosplay Winners:

Over-all Best Cosplayer = Jacob Gil - Yojimbo (FFX)
Best Male = Micheal Ferraro - Mr. Bean
Best Female = Jacting Lim - Cora Mystic Lvl 45 (RF Online)
Best Kid Cosplayer = Aira Mae Cano - Sailormoon
Best Craftsmanship = Ricky Buzon - Devastator (Transformers)
Best Stage Performance = Robertics - Mekakashi
People's Choice = Benedict Bartolome - Brawn (Transformers)
Alaska's Choice = Aira Mae Cano (Sailormoon) and Aymore Alegria (Tuxedo Mask)
Hero TV's Pick = Robertics - Mekakashi

Group Cosplay Winners:

1st = Illusion Brigade
2nd = Ichiraku Ramen
3rd = Illusion Brigade Chibi


Borgy said...

Congrats on the win, Jac! I'll forward the images i got from the con to ya soon ^_^

Ed said...

Congratulations, Jac! Too bad I didn't go there. I heard you did great.



Jac said...

borgy(??)- haha looking forward to it, dyop ;D

ed- neighbor! sayang wala ka dun ><

Arashi-KIshu said...


COngrats congrats on the win!

Jac said...

thanks idol ;D mishu gorgeous!

azrael said...

congrats jac!

Jac said...

thanks az!

Heffer Wolfe said...

Congrats, Jac! I heard about your win nung gabi ng Saturday. Saw you numerous times nung Sunday but you were deep in conversation with somebody.

Jac said...

Aww I never saw you the whole time >< nor Joanah! Buti nga nakita ko pa sina Syeri at Camy ^^

Hazel Chua said...


Jac said...

thanks hazel!

zerovoltage said...

Wow congratz! :D

Jac said...

salamat :)